The benefits of choosing premium tires

By David Barlow
Last updated: Nov 5, 2022
choosing primeum tire

Did you choose to buy a used car a few months ago or a new car about 5 years ago? Yes ? So now is the time to change your tires to keep driving safely. You hesitate between premium, quality, budget? Did you know that opting for premium tire equipment can extend the life of your vehicle? But which brand to choose? Detailed explanations with Allopneus experts.


Buying a car is a significant financial investment, whether it is new or used. So to make a lasting investment, taking care of your mount while maintaining it is essential. If the engine is one of the most expensive parts, the wheels are important as well as the brakes and your seat belt! These are the only 4 points of contact of your automobile with the bitumen …
A manufacturing problem, deterioration due to the driver and his driving and it is the exit from the road or the traffic accident that can cause bodily injury.

Choosing a premium tire is first and foremost a question of safety, reliability, performance: rolling resistance, grip on dry roads and adhesion on wet roads, noise, braking, road holding, driving comfort, longevity. Did you know that driving with 50% damaged tires means 20% less grip on the ground ?

The major European manufacturers always go further with their Research & Development department to offer you the best tires. This comes at a cost, because we don’t skimp on road safety. Life is precious. That’s why the prices can go from single to double. Moreover, energy consumption requires, there are even large “premium” brands tires specially designed to consume less gasoline. A premium tire is certainly more expensive to buy, but it is economical in the long run.


Continental, Pirelli, Michelin, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Goodyear… these brands certainly ring a bell. Yes they all belong to the category of premium tire brands. You are looking for a premium tire and want to be sure that you are making the right choice, turn to these manufacturers.

The European Union has implemented labeling to better inform drivers about the choice of their “rubber” equipment: as with electronic devices. Labeling works with classes ranging from category E to A relating to the criteria:

  • Rolling resistance
  • Wet grip
  • Noise

Very good car tires should be in class A for each of these categories. So this is the case with the premium tire, which guarantees all this and more.


Forget the unknown brands, do not succumb to the temptation of cheap second-hand tires, even if they are from a “premium” brand, because you will never be sure that the equipment in question is not available. suffered no damage to the road, nor that it has been modified: their performance may be impaired.

Summer tires: made with a rubber which softens under the effect of heat
Winter tires to install as soon as it is 7 ° C or less, for driving on snowy or icy roads and known to better resist aquaplaning. Above 7 ° c, the gum loses its properties, it softens and loses efficiency.
All-season tires: a combination of the 2 technologies to drive serene all year round in all weather conditions, whatever the weather. But be careful, it is not as effective as a winter special. If you are in a mountainous or often snowy area, better equip yourself properly.


Note that on average, their lifespan is about 5 years, but it all depends on the number of kilometers traveled and your driving. Wear can be faster or happen late. The principle is to change them as soon as the wear mark has deteriorated. The Highway Code also emphasizes that the wheels must have well-marked relief and that the tolerated wear limit is 1.6 mm. Be careful in the event of an inspection, if you drive with excessively used tires, you will have to pay a fine or have the vehicle immobilized.

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