Continental CrossContact LX20 EcoPlus Tire Reviews

By David Barlow
Latst Updated: April 1, 2021

Before starting the Continental CrossContact LX20 tire review, we will introduce you to its premium brand.

The Continental, founded in 1871, is one of the most premium manufacturers of passenger and light truck tires in Europe. They enhance innovative technologies for the sustainable mobility of humans and goods. Applying the tires’ EcoPlus technology, the company provides good safety, efficiency, and solutions for (sport) vehicles and machines.     

According to the Continental, the CrossContact LX20 is a high-end light truck SUV tỉe. Thanks to the EcoPlus technology, the product offers superb wet braking, long treadwear, and fuel efficiency, grip maintenance, and also fantastic driving experiences. 

To gain these factors, the CrossContact LX20 is installed with Continental’s exclusive tread, attributing Tg-OF Polymers and +Silane additives. These components help enhance treadwear and high adhesive on greasy roads, especially when braking on moist surfaces and light snow.

Moreover, the tread’s symmetric design supports the tire to reach the ideal steering response, rectilinear stability, lessened noise, and superior ride quality. The tire achieves these elements thanks to the V-shaped external shoulders, advanced tread blocks, and endless center ribs. 

The CrossContact LX20 goes with four circumferential grooves and traction grooves. Because of circumferential grooves, wet adhesive still takes effect in case of heavy rain, pulling the water out of the truck tire. Meanwhile, the Continental’s traction grooves promote 3D snow-to-snow traction.

In terms of noise production, this kind of tire has the ability to keep the absolute quiet when you are riding on the street or even highway so that you can enjoy your driving pleasure.

When it comes to the toughness, the tire’s structure inside contains wrapped-polyamide steel belts. They function to boost the strength of the tire and ride comfort, too. Besides, bigger tires equipped with flanged sidewalls will prevent your rims from severe destruction.In general, through Continental Crosscontact lx20 Ecoplus tire reviews, you can see that this is a high-quality product, which is famous all over the world. Therefore, you can put your trust in this product.

  • Excellent braking and wet, snow, dry traction, especially better off-road adhesive than other touring tire products
  • Flexible steering response
  • Extremely quiet and smooth when driving on the highway
  • Solid in the corners
  • 70,000-mile tread maintenance
  • Rapid and irregular treadwear
  • At times, there are some vibration issues with the tire

Continental Crosscontact lx20 Ecoplus tire reviews: Personal Opinion

As far as we’ve concerned in our Continental Crosscontact lx20 Ecoplus reviews, this is a cost-effective product for you. Since we have used this tire for our truck, we knew many realistic characteristics they offer, including their benefits and drawbacks. Overall, all the features of this tire mentioned above are quite correct in reality, but not at all.

Admittedly, the LX20 has given us a big surprise in its performance. Traction on all kinds of road conditions, consisting of snow, dry, wet conditions, has been highly effective. If you require to go off-road on light topography/terrain, this model is a capable assistant. The Continental supplies the tire with a 70,000-mile guarantee, which is an ideal bonus for you, right?

Steering management/control is also acceptable, even though it is not as correct as Pirelli’s Scorpion Verde all-season plus. But in fact, there is a little problem this tire may bring to you. Sometimes you might have more vibrations or shaking into the tread life. In that case, we bet you will get frightened a bit.

This product is the most suitable for some drivers who need to work hard for long hours per day as it gives them the proper driving pleasure and superior performance. Why should you choose this CrossContact LX20 EcoPlus tire? Simply because this LX20 is one of the first-rate tire models in this class. Importantly, if you are searching for a touring all-season tire supplying a flat, soundless ride with reliable traction and handling, the LX20 EcoPlus tire is a must!


In general, after reading carefully our Continental CrossContact LX20 Ecoplus Tire reviews above, you had better consider the benefits as well as disadvantages that this product might bring to you. But above all, we highly suggest you reward your vehicle with one CrossContact LX20 tire so that you could appreciate the most comfortable driving experience.

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