Falken Wildpeak H/T Reviews & Ratings: Is This Tire Worth The Hype?

By David Barlow
Last Updated: April 1, 2021
Falken Wildpeak H/T Reviews

As you might know, Falken is one of the top tire manufacturers in the world. This Japanese tire company is well known for combining different types of material to create quality tires. Falken automobile tires are mostly suitable for off-road vehicles, SUVs, and Falken Wildpeak H/T is one of those. 

It gives us a comfortable and smooth ride quality, and the traction is also stable. Wildpeak H/T is designed for the highway in all weather conditions, both in the hot summer and the winter. Furthermore, it can run well if the road surface has snow or thin ice.

With the M/S rate, the multi-wave lateral grooves and four perimeter track grooves push the water out effectively and increase friction so that it can give you the traction you need and reduce the risk of slipping when the pavement is wet. The added spices are also supplemented to increase traction on snow or slush.  

Talking about the noise, Falken designed Wildpeak H/T with high tension and good elasticity to reduce annoying noise. Besides, with two wider steel belts inside, the tire is more durable and robust.

Falken Wildpeak H/T Reviews: Pros & Cons

  • High traction in slush, snow
  • Run well in snow weather
  • High performance in wet surface
  • Smoother and less-noise ride
  • Durable
  • Lack of advanced braking ability on the ice surface

Falken Wildpeak H/T Reviews Test Drive

Almost all types of tires from Japanese manufacturers are appreciated by customers, and Falken tire is no exception. 

It brings us a great tire with very impressive traction. Many other tires are not suitable for the winter, but this Wildpeak H/T didn’t make us disappointed. It can cross up the ice surface, which is thick up to 6 inches. If you work in a country that has snow, this tire is worth considering. It also runs well for other reasons. 

One plus point is the ability to operate on wet roads. We can experience very good traction, which is not much different from drying on dry roads. So you do not have to worry about the risk of splitting in the rain. Honestly, Wildpeak H/T is worth the praise for its excellent durability and long service life.

This tire brings distinct smoothness and comfort to your car. Besides, this design is suitable for light trucks. When comparing with other tire distributors, Falken also offers an affordable price.

In a nutshell

With this Falken Wildpeak H/T Reviews, we hope that you have all the necessary information about this all seasons tire. To sum up, Falken may be at a disadvantage at some points. However, with its affordable price, this tire is always the right option and deserved for your investment.

Treadlife Warranty:None
Uniformity Warranty:First 2/32″ of wear
Workmanship & Materials Warranty:5 Years from date of production / Free replacement first 2/32″ of wear, then prorated until 2/32″ remaining depth
Manufacturer’s Road Hazard Warranty:None
Manufacturer Special Warranty:None
Ziex S/TZ05 Warranty summary for replacement tires purchased on or after 01/01/19 at Tire Rack

225/75R15LT 30X9.50R15215/70R16245/75R16
235/75R15LT 31X10.50R15225/70R16LT 245/75R16
LT 235/75R15225/75R16255/70R16
LT 225/75R16265/70R16
235/75R16LT 265/75R16
LT 235/85R16LT 285/75R16
P 235/70R17LT 265/70R17255/70R18LT 275/65R18
255/60R19275/55R20LT 275/65R20

Ziex S/TZ05 prices range from approximately $139.00 – $188.00TireBuyer


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