Firestone Weathergrip Tire Reviews & Rating

By David Barlow
Latst Updated: April 1, 2021

Their products have gained customers’ trust for a long time, and the Champion Fuel Fighter tire is the newest product of the company that is for all seasons. Let’s read our Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter Reviews to find out more about this tire.

Overall, compared to other tires, this Champion is an outstanding product. Using Fuel Fighter Technology, the producers aim to lengthen the lifetime of this tire. Moreover, the Fuel Fighter is suitable for all types of cars, from sedans, coupes to SUVs, off-road and on-road. Additionally, the longer treadwear of the tire provides you with a more comfortable ride. 

Turning to traction, it has a solid dry and wet traction and handling with reliable braking, silica-made, and symmetric tread, an excellent feature of the tire in winter when dealing with snow or melted snow. 

In rainy seasons, to improve wet grip ability and prevent aquaplaning, the tire is equipped with circumferential grooves to lead water away from the car. 

However, according to some Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter tire reviews, compared to other touring tires, the snow and wet traction feature is not the tire’s strength. In light snow or rain, this feature works fine. Nonetheless, it does not perform well in heavy rain or snow conditions. 

The tire is also well-known for its fuel economizing. Inside the tire, there are a few polyester casing above the two steel belts and Fuel Fighter Steel Cord with spiral nylon wrap reinforcement. They help raise the strength of the tire and reduce the weight to minimize pressure on the tire to reduce the fuel consumption. Moreover, it also increases the tire’s durability and quality. 

In terms of size, the Firestone Champion has from 14 to 18 inches with T, H, and V speed for you to choose from. Warranty is also available with limited and restricted conditions.

Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter Reviews – Pros And Cons

  • Quiet ride
  • Dry performance
  • Durable tread life
  • Fuel economy
  • Comfort performance
  • Not well-performed wet traction
  • Not outstanding snow traction
  • Limited warranty

Personal Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter Tire Reviews 

As fans of tires, we have bought this Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter right away after its release. Here are our thoughts on this product after a time of use. 

First of all, for an all-season tire, the dry traction of this product is excellent. With its silica-enhanced compound of the tread, the tire has done a great job in gripping the road surface. 

Additionally, it can reduce noise and shake decline to provide comfort when riding even though you are on rough roads. We bet that you will have a smooth and quiet ride when using this tire. 

Treadlife is also a remarkable strength of this product. Last but not least, fuel economy is our favorite feature thanks to its Fuel Fighter technology. 

However, there are some things the Firestone should improve when reproducing this Champion Fuel Fighter tire. We have found that snow traction does not work well compared to other tires in the same class, especially in the heavy snow when winter comes.  

Wet traction is also a tire’s weakness. It makes the car hard to corner on the highway and not good at hydroplaning as other tires do. Nonetheless, it will not cause you accidents. This feature is just not as useful as others. And warranty is what you should reconsider because they have limited conditions.


In a nutshell, besides a few weaknesses in wet and snow traction and warranty service, this tire’s performance is good at smooth ride, dry traction, long tread life, and fuel economy. That is why we highly recommend it to you through our Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter Reviews. It is suitable for most drivers no matter what kind of car they use, especially for economical-required drivers.

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