Kumho Road Venture MT71 review- Professional Experience

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Last Updated: April 2, 2022
Kumho Road Venture MT71 review

Kumho Road Venture MT71 Overview

The first step before making a purchase is always to learn the product completely and comprehensively. So, let’s get more information about brand and product details by scrolling down on this Kumho Road Venture MT71 tire review!

About Kumho

Kumho is a famous tire manufacturing brand from Korea. Doublestar Tire Corporation owns it (headquarters is located in China).

The designs from Kumho are mostly high-performance and can work in all four seasons. In addition, it possesses advanced technology while being fuel-efficient and reasonably priced. That’s why products from Kumho (typically MT71) receive a lot of attention and love from drivers worldwide.

Kumho Road Venture MT71 Reviews: Features

Kumho Road Venture MT71 serves as an off-road tire for four-wheel-drive vehicles (trucks, Jeeps, CUVs, and SUVs).

If you own a vehicle above but are wondering about the specific capabilities of this product, scroll down below for a more comprehensive view.


First, let’s talk about the design of the tire and the notable features of the tread.

The surface of the product consists of veins with an asymmetrical zig-zagging pattern. They are ejector bars that assist in the self-cleaning process.

If you look up at the shoulders of the tires, you will notice that they have alternating grooves and scallops. So, this Kumho’s Road Venture MT71 can grip the road extremely well, even in muddy or slippery conditions.

Besides, this design gives the product extremely strong traction that you don’t need to worry about when the wheel hits the ground at any angle.


The bumpy road makes the driver crave stable wheel mobility for off-road vehicles. So, does this MT71 satisfy the owner in this respect?

You can be completely satisfied with it, as it offers better stability than expected. The manufacturer reinforced the sidewalls and strengthened the stiffer tread blocks. That is why they have an extremely stable grip and resist the roughness of the ground.

The MT71 tires consist of a trio of polyester that covers the top of two steel belts and is protected by two layers of nylon reinforcement. Rest assured, this is an exclusive design created by the manufacturer Kumho to deal with the harmful effects of tires. 

Thanks to this design, the product does not deform (under low air pressure conditions) or suffer from problems related to damage caused by pavement and rock.


MT71 is a high-performance product dedicated to all-terrain vehicles. It causes their operating part to emit a relatively loud noise. But sometimes, the people around won’t enjoy the noise too much, so it’s recommended that you don’t use this type of wheel to move on the highway.

Speed Rating

All MT71 products reach the “Q” rating in terms of speed. That means the maximum speed they can achieve is about 100 mph.

The tonnage rating for each product ranges from 109 (2.27 lb) to 129 (4.08 lb).

Snow Traction

While these products can work well in deep snow and mud, they are not so productive in icy, light snow, or slick environments. They don’t have sharp edges or sipes to hold onto these terrains.

Kumho Road Venture MT71 reviews: Pros & Cons

  • Works effectively on gravel and mud surfaces
  • Durability beyond expectations
  • Aggressive performance against environmental influences
  • No- breakthrough speed rating
  • Reduced performance in ice and standing water events
  • Loud noise when driving on the highway

Personal Opinion

From the perspective of our experience – car lovers, this tire product has enough advantages to deserve your consideration.

First, let’s talk about its price. We are quite surprised that the manufacturer can bring such a tire at such an economical price to the market, while the MT71 can do so much! 

It can work extremely well on bumpy terrain, on gravel. And even the mud won’t make it difficult for these tires!

In addition, it possesses amazing durability. The tires are quite thick and can withstand impacts from the terrain (from gravel, bumpy roads, and so on). Long usage time makes us satisfied and wants to stick with these powerful cars for a long time.

But soon we realized this product also has some compromises that you need to consider.

When we used it in snowy weather, it didn’t stick very well on ice, and even water stains were caused by rain or melting snow. We guess that the lack of grooves is the biggest cause of this drawback.

Besides, you probably won’t want to use these products to travel with other vehicles on the highway. Besides the impactful noise, it is also quite limited in speed.

Above are the Kumho Road Venture MT71 tire reviews drawn from our experience. We thought Kumho cut the tire’s tread but inadvertently caused it to get into minor trouble again. But at an affordable price like that, it still deserves a car lover’s consideration.

Our advice is to consider the intended use carefully before buying this product. It is extremely effective on sandy, muddy and bumpy terrain. But if you want to move on the main road or in the snow environment, you best prioritize other products!

Treadlife Warranty:None
Uniformity Warranty:First 2/32″ of wear
Workmanship & Materials Warranty:6 Years / Free replacement first 2/32″ of wear, then prorated to final 2/32″ remaining depth
Manufacturer’s Road Hazard Warranty:None
Manufacturer Special Warranty:30-Day Satisfaction Guaranteed Trial Warranty (1)
Additional Information:(1) Must purchase 4 and have less than 1/32″ wear
warranty summary for replacement tires purchased at Tire Rack
LT 31X10.50R15LT 35X12.50R15LT 235/85R16LT 285/75R16
LT 33X12.50R15LT 265/75R16LT 315/75R16
LT 255/75R17LT 315/70R17LT 275/65R18LT 33X12.50R18
LT 265/70R17LT 33X12.50R17LT 275/70R18LT 35X12.50R18
LT 285/70R17LT 35X12.50R17LT 295/70R18
LT 295/70R17LT 37X12.50R17
LT 275/65R20LT 33X12.50R20LT 33X12.50R22LT 37X13.50R22
LT 285/55R20LT 35X12.50R20LT 35X12.50R22
LT 295/55R20LT 37X12.50R20
LT 305/55R20LT 37X13.50R20

Kumho Road Venture MT71 prices range approximately from $210.00 to $520.00 (Discount Tire)

prices range approximately from

Kumho Road Venture MT71 – Compare Prices

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Kumho Road Venture MT71

Road Venture MT71 Ratings By Consumer

Kumho Road Venture MT71 ratings by consumer

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