The Most Realistic Kumho Solus TA71 Tire Reviews 2021

By David Barlow
Last Updated: April 1, 2021
Kumho Solus TA71 Review

If you are a seasoned driver or car repairman, you must have heard of the Kumbo brand, especially their tire products. Specifically, Kumho Solus TA71 is one of the most impressive tires which gains lots of popularity. Today, we will supply readers with more information about this product. Trust us; this Kumho Solus TA71 review will assist you a lot in your purchase. Let’s go!

Kumho, a well-known tire production brand in Korea, has been creating high-end tire designs for over 60 years. This world’s leading tire manufacturer can produce in excess of 68 million tires a year. Until now, Kumho has become the global choice for a huge number of customers.

In 2015, the Kumho brand released the Kumho Solus TA71 tire, geared towards a wide variety of minivans, coupes, crossovers, and sedans. The tire is expected to offer smooth comfort and flexible handling in any condition.

The Solus TA71 is a kind of tire that offers drivers efficiency and firmness. The tire goes with a V-shaped directional groove/tread for increased waterproof speed. 

Additionally, this Solus includes four large grooves with a metal coating that motivates the water transfer and enhances safety. To expand traction in the winter season, manufacturers have designed sipes with the correct angles to get a special grip, especially in icy & snowy weather.

Thanks to robust polyester, dependable sipes, and curly cords, the Solus TA71 is able to work well on rough roads.

Kumho Solus TA71
Kumho Solus TA71

Not only having remarkable dry traction, but the TA71 is also popular for great luxury and comfort when riding long distances. Drivers won’t be affected by heavy noises and shakings because of its good polyester and durable rubber layer. 

Furthermore, this Kumho model supplies users with 38 size options that match with the wheel’s rims at the range of 15-19 inches. The speed ratings rely on the size of the tire you choose, as well. Finally, the TA71 is bound to bring you with a 6-year tread maintenance so that you can put your faith in it.

Kumho Solus TA71 Tire Review: Pros & Cons

  • Reliable dry & wet traction
  • Smooth running
  • Excellent tread life
  • Stable & exact cornering
  • Bad performance on many roads covered by ice

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Kumho Solus TA71 Test Drive

After several months of using the Kumho Solus TA71, we have to admit that this model is much more superior when compared to our old tires.

TA71, in fact, has the ability to offer excellent handling, as well as steering response in wet and dry surfaces. With the aid of Zigzag sipes, you could ride without any difficulty on wet/snowy surfaces. Nevertheless, ice-covered surfaces can be a problem for this tire since it is challenging to endure these roads for long periods.

One of the main reasons you should buy this tire is its quiet and comfortable ride provision. The TA71 seems to supply a smoother driving experience than standard ones, without a shaky noise alarm. Moreover, the tire won’t disappoint you on account of its high usability. Drivers are often excited because this TA71 could be used for a great deal of vehicles, namely small cars, crossovers, cabs, (mini)vans, and even on muddy/dry terrain. 

After this Kumho Solus TA71 review, we highly recommend that if you are a long-distance driver and searching for a tire model that could perform efficiently in a majority of conditions along with a pleasant ride, this Kumho Solus TA71 is a top-notch choice!

Treadlife Warranty:6 Years / 60,000 Miles Half mileage if different size front/rear tires
Uniformity Warranty:First 2/32″ of wear
Workmanship & Materials Warranty:6 Years / Free replacement first 2/32″ of wear, then prorated to final 2/32″ remaining depth
Manufacturer’s Road Hazard Warranty:1 Year / first 2/32″ of wear
Manufacturer Special Warranty:None
Solus TA71 warranty summary for replacement tires purchased on or after 01/01/20 at Tire Rack


Solus TA71 prices range approximately from $82.00 – $192.00Tirebuyer

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  • BFGoodrich g Grip All Season 2
  • Bridgestone Weather Control A005 EVO
  • Continental AllSeasonContact
  • Nokian WeatherProof

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