Michelin is building its first tire recycling plant in the world

By David Barlow
Last Updated: September 13, 2021
Michelin tire recycling factory

With its own production site for the recycling of used tires, Michelin has achieved another breakthrough for more sustainability. In cooperation with the company Enviro *, Michelin’s first recycling plant of its kind in the world is to be built.

Michelin starts building a recycling plant for tires with Enviro. The Swedish company, in which Michelin has a 20 percent stake, has developed a patented technology for the recovery of rubber soot, pyrolysis oil, steel and gas from used tires. At the planned location in the Antofagasta region of Chile, up to 30,000 tons of tires for earthmoving machines are to be recycled per year. This corresponds to almost 60 percent of the tires discarded nationwide every year. Construction, in which Michelin is investing more than 30 million US dollars, begins this year. Production is scheduled to go into operation from 2023.

Comprehensive tire recycling solution

With the new recycling plant, Michelin is pursuing the concept of circular economy and establishing new recycling processes: the old tires are picked up directly from the customer and transported to the production site, where they are shredded and recycled. With the help of Enviro’s technology, it is possible to recycle all the components of a used tire for reuse. According to current plans, 90 percent of the recovered materials should be used to manufacture rubber-based products such as tires or conveyor belts. The remaining ten percent flow back into the generation of heat and electricity for personal use.

We are very proud to announce the construction of the world’s first recycling plant by the Michelin Group with our partner Enviro. This is an important milestone for us in order to be able to offer customers a modern and sustainable recycling method and at the same time to further expand our business. We are currently in talks with potential customers from the mining industry. With Enviro’s technology, we support our customers in achieving their environmental goals and making the product cycle more sustainable.

Sander Vermeulen, Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, Strategy and New Business for the High-Tech Materials division at Michelin

Another example of increased commitment to sustainability

The future tire recycling plant is part of Michelin’s strategy of using more sustainable materials in tire production. The company’s so-called VISION concept provides that tires are made from completely biodegradable materials.

In order to achieve the sustainability goals in the best possible way, innovative solutions and partnerships are necessary. That is why Michelin Tire reviews is always entering into new, interdisciplinary partnerships. The collaboration with Enviro is an example of the numerous initiatives that Michelin has launched with pioneers in the fields of recycling and sustainable mobility. The aim of these collaborations is to develop sustainable recycling systems for used tires and plastic waste.

(source: Michelin)

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