Nitto Neo Gen Tire Review: High-performance Tire At A Moderate Price Range

By David Barlow
Last Updated: April 1, 2021

If you are a driver who is interested in vehicles, I bet you have heard of the Nitto brand once. This company is owned by Toyo Tire, the headquarter based in Japan. As a branch of Toyo Tire & Rubber Cop, Nitto makes tires for the North-American market. Today, we will give you an overview of one popular kind of tire from this brand – Nitto Neo Gen.

Nitto Neo Gen Review

Nitto Neo Gen review: Design & Features

Design & Technology

It’s evident that Nitto Neo Gen has an aesthetically cool look with three-dimensional tread blocks, which is a trademark of the brand. Besides, those little 3D Multi Wave sipes from left to right will increase your traction for dry and wet conditions but still maintain a comfortable ride.

Wet traction 

There are big, thick two ridges at the center of the grip going all the way down the big sipes. Those will help evacuate the water from the face of the tread.

The Nitto comes with deeper circumferential grooves to provide the slanted 3D blocks. This will ensure that the tire can resist hydroplaning when traveling on a wet road or highway.

Reduced wear

The inner shoulder is created from a single, continuous block, which explains why Nitto Neo Gen is considered a wise choice for lowered vehicles. Moreover, this feature maintains stability and works excellent with higher degrees of negative camber to decrease flex. 

Strengthened cornering

On the opposite, the larger outside patch is engineered to increase the surface contact of the tire. It will improve traction and enhance outstanding performance while turning as well. Therefore, this could increase the agility and steering feel for customers. 

Size & Price

The other killer thing about this tire is you have many sizes from 15 to 22-inch applications. The price point is probably moderate and economical too.

UTQG Tire ratings

As the company proclaimed, the Nitto Neo Gen tire is estimated to be of good quality with Treadwear: 280, traction ranked AA, and temperature ranked A.

Nitto Neo Gen review: Pros & Cons

  • Good all-season traction included light snow
  • Better performance in wet conditions.
  • Concerning grip is above average.
  • Tire rides comfortably for high performance.
  • Impressive tread designs.
  • Affordable price range.
  • Tires tend to get noisy as they wear out.
  • Greasy when too hot.
  • Performance in dry is not good as expected.

Nitto Neo Gen review: Tire Drive Test

When it comes to our experience of Nitto tire, we both feel aggressive when turning and docile while driving straight. This tire provides exemplary performance in wet pavement, even in freezing temperature, but falls short a little in dry condition.

In the dry, although looking extreme, Nitto Neo Gen tire can handle some high-speed driving but not good at stability and handling in point-and-shoot driving. However, it’s still acceptable in almost lowered American, Japanese, and European cars.

Comfort and noise, which are not the merits of this tire, still provide acceptable comfort levels with lower road noise. To be honest, the tire is OK if you compare it to other cars in the same class, not with the newer generation one.Especially when speaking of well-priced, Neo Gen tires are the real deal, so you should try this one as soon as possible!


On the whole, with the high rate, aggressive design, superior features at an affordable price range, Nitto has done an excellent job with this tire. We hope that our Nitto Neo Gen review post today could give you enough information to make up your mind.

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