Nitto NT05 Review- High-performance Tire

By David Barlow
Last Updated: April 1, 2021

Introduction To Nitto NT05 Review :

Nitto NT05 is a popular product from Nitto – a Japanese company founded in 1949. The company is famous for its truck tires and passenger unit products and became popular in the United States in 1993. Today we will give you an objective perspective of this product through this Nitto NT05 Review. Let’s scroll down now!

Nitto Nt 05 Review

The Nitto NT05, with a semi-slick tread design, is a perfect tire for track applications and drag racing. It’s also suitable for the street, but only in fair weather.

The formulated tread compound and reinforced internal construction enhance the stability and durability of Nitto NT05. The product also provides a large amount of rubber-to-road contact and dry traction, enabling it to perform excellently on wet roads.

The Nitto NT05 is also known as a street tire that provides precise and responsive handling. The formulated tread compound with reinforced concrete tread blocks on the tire’s outer shoulders emphasizes dry road response, traction, handling, high-speed capabilities, good grip, and squirm reduction. 

Tread pattern has a continuous mid rib to maximize tread’s contact with the road surface for better dry grip with two

Tread pattern has a continuous mid rib to maximize tread’s contact with the road surface for better dry grip with two sizable bordering circumvention grooves that provide exceptional rigidity and stability.

Furthermore, the Nitto NT05 has a UTQG tire life rating of 200, an amazingly high level for an extremely high performance tire.

Nitto NT05 Tire Review: Pros & Cons

  • Precise handling and performance.
  • Great dry traction
  • Maximum stability and durability
  • Poor wet traction
  • Low performance in snow conditions

Nitto NT05 Review: Tire Drive Test

We highly recommend Nitto NT05 Tire if you are looking for a street tire with good dry performance, occasional track use, and long-lasting tread life.

Firstly, the Nitto NT05 is outstanding at first glance with its catchy design. As mentioned above, NT05 is a street tire that performs especially well in dry streets. The handling is also solid as the tire is capable of responding to the minutest steering corrections. 

However, we notice that the NT05 is similar to other summer tires, which require proper warm-up to provide a certain level of handling performance.

The car tire’s comfort level is also great; the continuous center rib and reinforced tread blocks provide outstanding stability and rigidity.

The tire is unable to channel water out as well as some other tires. After testing the product on rainy days, we realize that the NT05 has good traction.

One of the main downsides of Nitto NT05 is its low performance in snow or icy conditions; the tire is not ideal for cold weather in general. However, we can assure you that the NT05 performs better in the wet condition than most racing tires.

Although there is a large amount of noise on the road as we drive the Nitto NT05 tires on the street, we consider that the tire’s noise is surprisingly quieter than other tires in the same category. 

In terms of price, we believe that Nitto NT05 is a bit less expensive than similar high-end tires from Michelin, Pirelli, and others. 


As mentioned above, the product is popular due to its excellent dry performance, precise handling, long-lasting tread life, and affordable price. Although the tire is unsuitable for snow and wet conditions, it is still worth your consideration. We hope that you find this “Nitto NT05 Review” helpful for your reference!

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