Sumitomo Tour Plus Ls Tire Review: A Durable Tire

By David Barlow
Last Updated: March 30, 2021

Sumitomo Tour Plus Ls is a tire with long service life and outstanding road-holding ability through the seasons. Designed for vehicles like coupes, minivans, sedans, and crossovers, the Sumitomo Tour Plus Ls comes in a number of wheel sizes to choose from, such as T, H, and V. The following Sumitomo Tour Plus Ls review will give you detailed information about this tire.

Sumitomo Tour Plus Ls Review

Sumitomo Tour Plus Ls Review: Features

The LS has a tire surface made of black carbon, and the spikes are symmetrically designed around the road to increase grip. Besides, the Tour Plus LS also has excellent grip-ability when passing dry or wet crabs thanks to its shoulder blocks.

The wheels work very well in wet, slippery road conditions thanks to the 4 perimeter grooves for drainage. This feature also reduces the risk of water damage when the weather is too severe such as heavy rain or flood.

Also, Sumitomo has many grooves around the tires. This pushes water to motivate you to move around in wetlands and creates bite edges that prevent the car from slipping on snow surfaces. At the same time, the processing ability on thick snow surfaces is also more flexible.

In addition to the intelligent design, the interior of the car class also has many unique features that increase the LS’s durability. You can find two steel straps with mismatched nylon strap technology. 

This detail makes the wheel look strong and robust against unstable surfaces and sharp objects. As a result, the durability and longevity of Tour Plus tires are enhanced. S

Sumitomo has an 85,000-mile warranty on T-sized models and 65,000 miles in H, V-size models. Therefore, feel free to take it all the way to discover all the outstanding features of your tires.

Sumitomo Tour Plus Ls Review: Pros & Cons

  • Good road holding ability
  • The ability to perform on snow is admirable
  • Good wheel life
  • Warranty policy 85,000 miles
  • The too-loud noise
  • Not good with off-road vehicles
  • Easy to flake off

Sumitomo Tour Plus Ls Review: Tire Drive Test

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the LS’s snow maneuverability is very respectable. The grooves are many but relatively small, so no matter how thick the snow is, it still does not make it difficult.

We switched to this tire in the summer when it was still sunny. There was a lot of water on the road during the rainy season, but, amazingly, this tire was still doing well. It was still mighty, and the speed was not affected.

Many of our friends complain about the noise that the tires make while hitchhiking. We find this quite unfortunate as well. However, driving during peak hours does not make a difference. So for us, it’s not a big deal.

The Sumitomo Tour Plus Ls isn’t quite the best tire on the market right now, but it’s the most affordable option for the average price. Plus, it’s quite economical to use Sumitomo tires for all four seasons. 

And you have 30 days of a trial run to experience the powerful features of this brand. Besides, a range of insurance benefits to you, such as: 

  • 2-year roadside assistance insurance
  • 100% fault replacement insurance
  • 2-year dangerous protection insurance for you.


If you plan to change tires and are fed up with the current brand, then Ls is the right suggestion. Leaving a few bad points aside, this brand is doing an excellent job of delivering a great ride experience to everyone. Hope this Sumitomo Tour Plus Ls review is useful to you.

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