Hercules Tires Review & Ratings in 2023 – Are They Good?

By David Barlow
Last updated: Feb 11, 2023
hercules tires reviews

Today’s tire market is inundated with varieties from suppliers we’ve never heard of before. Investing in a high-end tire is usually unnecessary for most ordinary basic vehicles. There’s really no purpose in paying more than $200 on a tire unless you already have a premium or sports car.

Although there’s no denying that high-end tire makers produce far superior goods than budget-friendly ones, the extra cost virtually never justifies the minor performance improvement. Tires, on the other hand, are no laughing matter. 

For example, putting bad tires on the greatest vehicle will make it more dangerous to drive regularly. 

Hercules Tires Overview

Hercules has a long record in the tire industry, going back to 1952. It was formed by a consortium of tire retailers and rehashing firms in the northeastern United States. The company was then listed on the New York Stock Market in 1960. 

As Hercules tires were not developed by the company, they consequently teamed with Cooper Tire in the 1960s, which controlled tire manufacturing while also offering brilliant marketing solutions.

Copper Tire has ascended towards the end of the peak tire business. The company has expanded to provide high-quality services to a wide variety of consumers and supply a huge spectrum of tires through its international network.

Hercules has provided people with high-quality tires to fulfill almost any demand ever since its debut. The firm is recognized for producing low-cost tires with advanced technical features that allow for excellent driving. 

Unlike other low-cost manufacturers, Hercules featured a comprehensive tire lineup. Every rider in the United States can find a proper tire within the selection. Hercules offers a vast selection of on- and off-road tires for compact cars, crossovers, vans, SUVs, and trucks for beginners.

The manufacturer also provides industrial tires, such as heavy trucks, trailer tires, lawn mower tires, etc. Hercules meets the demands of small and large businesses, industrial facilities, logistic firms, and even regular customers with all of these services.

Hercules tires come in various sizes and types to fit almost any car. They offer a diverse range of products to meet a variety of needs. They are less costly when compared to more well-known brands. It makes them an attractive alternative for drivers looking for long-lasting tires at a reasonable price.

Hercules’s Most Popular Tire Models

Hercules Terra Trac A/T II

Hercules Terra Trac AT II
Brand: Hercules
Model: Terra Trac A/T II
Weight: 29.26 – 60.28 lbs
Available Sizes: 15″, 16″, 17″, 18″, 20″

First off, we will talk about the Hercules Terra Trac A/T II. The A/T II, which improved on the previous Terra Trac AT model before this, was released in 2013 by Hercules, adding to their extensive line of replacement tires. It is made for SUVs, jeeps, small trucks, and other four-wheel-drive vehicles.

The Terra Trac A/T II tire delivers excellent off-road performance while reducing traffic noise when driving at high speeds. It has a grippy tread composition that improves traction in slick situations.

This tire is equipped with several remarkable features intended to provide excellent performance. These Hercules tires are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 15-20 inches, as well as LT and non-LT types. 

The Terra Trac A/T II has combined a potent mix of a sturdy and robust off-road experience with excellent handling and comfort.

However, the A/T II only works on crammed terrain like mud and stones. Thicker mud and huge boulders might still concern the tire more than the existing rivals.

Hercules Terra Trac M/T

Hercules Terra Trac MT
Brand: Hercules
Model: Terra Trac M/T
Weight: 30.63 – 36.54 lbs
Available Sizes: 15″, 16″, 17″, 18″, 20″
No rating yet

The Hercules Terra Trac M/T is a genuine warrior, gentle enough for regular city traffic but ready to dig in when the going gets tough. It can be a suitable partner for challenging off-road conditions if you can deal with the loud tread grumble.

This monster operates on hard-packed terrain, thick muck, and even rock-crawling. It’s one of the greatest off-roaders in its pricing range.

The Terra Trac M/T combined exceptional terrain grip off-road and superior handling, and a smoother ride on the road thanks to its patented Hi/Lo tread pattern and enhanced siping.

However, it does not perform the same on the road. It’s solid and secure, but it’s not quite up to level with the finest. It performs wonders on snow, owing to the sipes; it performs wonders on snow, thanks to the sipes, albeit ice is still a problem.

Hercules H/P 4000

Hercules HP 4000
Brand: Hercules
Model: H/P 4000
Weight: 23 – 35 lbs
Available Sizes: 14″, 15″
No rating yet

To conclude the reviews on Hercules tires, we will talk about the Hercules H/P 4000. The H/P 4000 was designed to deliver consistent results. This high-quality, low-cost tire has a smooth, embossed sidewall and is available in various sizes for various vehicles.

These tires give sturdy grip in all weather and are guaranteed to make a splash, with a timeless design that nicely complements vintage and muscle vehicles.

The technology aids driving in sub-zero temperatures, but only on dry roads. Icy conditions can cause tire problems, especially while braking.

Cost Of Hercules Tires

Hercules not only has a wonderful design, but they’re also reasonably priced. Compared to conventional tires on the market, it is far less expensive. 

Hercules has continually manufactured economical tires over its lengthy history, and its brand objective reflects this dynamic. Their goal is to provide high-quality tires at a reasonable price for their items. This is what Hercules excels at.

The cost of Hercules tires varies depending on the size. However, prices begin at around $120 per tire, or $480 for a set, gradually increasing with size. This is an affordable option in the tires market, offering substantial value to customers regardless of their budget.

Why Choose Hercules Tires?

Comfort And Efficiency

Hercules tires are made up of several fuel-efficient elements, reducing rolling resistance and friction. These components support improved fuel efficiency, and then adding more fuel savings is the cherry on top!

Excellent Control 

Hercules tires to aid in improving the handling performance of any vehicle. The additional features such as tread patterns, sipping, and biting edges can improve comfortability and performance.

Budget-Friendly Pricing

As stated above, along with the excellent designs and features, Hercules tires also come at a reasonable price. The company provides superb performance tires, whereas regular tires are below-average or overpriced.

Customer Satisfaction

Hercules tires have an exceptional 85,000-mile treadwear guarantee. Hercules tires go above and above to provide several assurances, no matter what vehicle you are driving. 

One of several assurances is that if the tire develops a manufacturing problem during the first 50% of its tread life, they will replace it completely! They also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hercules Tires Good?

Consumer feedback shows that most consumers who bought Hercules tires are quite delighted with them. This is partly owing to the tire’s remarkable 85,000-mile treadwear guarantee.

Who Makes Hercules Tires?

Hercules tires were first manufactured by Cooper Tire & Rubber Company in 1960, and the two firms are still collaborators nowadays. Hercules Tire is a global leader in replacement tires, providing tires all over the globe.

Hercules Tires are made in Findla by the Cooper Tire Company.


After this article, you can see that the company has demonstrated its value in the large tire industry with the tagline “Ride On Our Strength.”

Many people will tell you that Hercules is the best choice because of its strong guarantee and excellent service. So, we will recommend this to anyone who is on a tight budget. Although you won’t get Michelin-level performance, you can count on these tires to provide a dependable experience.

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