Kumho Tire Review: The Most Sustainable Tire

By David Barlow

Last updated: May 26, 2024
Kumho Tire Review

Kumho Tire reviews

Most vendors try to convince you that only expensive tires can guarantee quality. However, this is not true with Kumho tires – one of the cheap tire brands but has good durability. Our review will go through the features that this tire has and its advantages and disadvantages.


Of course, the durability of Kumho tires cannot be on par with brands in the premium segment, such as Michelin or Yokohama. However, not a single manufacturer produces as many sustainable tire products at low prices as Kumho.

To increase its durability, the manufacturer has a separate department to study and measure their tires’ wear. Researchers even directly conduct tests on important streets to improve the reality of the outputs.

Kumho tires are always loyal to a unique design style. More specifically, the tire wall is very thick, and its dense structure helps reduce the wear of the tire core. The natural rubber material also increases elasticity and increases the tire temperature when riding long-distance, significantly prolonging its life.

Resistance To Weather

Kumho tires are famous for their excellent weather resistance. This brand makes special tires for travel in extreme weather conditions like rain, snow, and even ice. One of the most prominent products is Kumho Wintercraft. This winter tire is outstanding due to its thickness compared to other products in the same price range. Besides, the wide width also helps it prevent mud settlement effectively.

Kumho Tire reviews: Pros & Cons


  • High flexibility
  • Excellent durability
  • Integrated noise reduction technology
  • Perform well in wet weather

  • Less eye-catching colors
  • Less diverse design

Kumho Review: Tire Drive Test

As mentioned earlier, most of this brand’s products are at least 30% cheaper than its competitors. We bought and used a set of Wintercraft tires for our SUV three years ago, and we were surprised by its durability after a long period of use. Honestly, we did not intend to utilize this tire for three years as we didn’t believe that this affordable price tire is durable.

A cheap tire with high durability is incredibly unbelievable. However, we know that Kumho tries to reduce production costs by cutting R&D costs. They weren’t trying to make the perfect tire from scratch. On the contrary, this company seeks to refine its designs and other brands for the ultimate design.

The tire performs excellently in extreme conditions such as rain, snow, and ice which is quite impressive. Moreover, Kumho’s Wintercraft is also a choice if you need a tire with long spikes. The longer the tire ride, the easier it is to maneuver on the snow and ice. Its directional spikes are also necessary to support more snowshed roads.

The only downside of this tire is its design isn’t perfect; the color finish is not as prominent as high-end brands. Therefore, if you are a fan of freshness, Kumho tires are not the best choice.

Consumer Reviews by Kumho Tire Model


Extreme Performance Summer Grand Touring All-Season
Ecsta V720 Ecsta LX Platinum
Ecsta V730 Majesty 9 Solus TA91
Max Performance Summer Solus KH16
Ecsta PS91 Solus KH25
Ultra High Performance Summer Solus TA31
Ecsta PS31 Solus TA71
Ultra High Performance All-Season Standard Touring All-Season
Ecsta ASX Solus TA11
Ecsta 4X LI KU22
Racetrack & Autocross Only
Ecsta PA31 Ecsta V700


Street/Sport Truck All-Season On-/Off-Road All-Terrain
Ecsta STX KL12 Road Venture AT51
Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season Off-Road Maximum Traction
Crugen KL33
Road Venture MT KL71
Crugen Premium Road Venture MT51
Solus KL21 Road Venture MT71
Highway All-Season
Crugen HT51
Road Venture APT KL51


The above is our full Kumho tire review. This brand of tire is definitely worth the money for its durability. If your needs stop at the basic level, this tire can save you a pretty big amount. We hope this article can provide you with the necessary information about the Kumho tire and make your best decision.

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