Primewell Tires Review in 2022 – Are Primewell Tires Good?

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Last updated: Nov 28, 2022
Primewell tires review

The automotive industry is an industry that is interested and invested in more and more, especially in the current era. Many brands and their products are available all over the world. Every manufacturer strives to create the best products to satisfy its customers. 

And tires, a product that is quite interesting because there are many types of vehicles today. Some models are only compatible with certain types of accessories. Faced with thousands of such products and models, you will find it confusing to make the most reasonable choice. 

Primewell Tire Overview

primewell tire brand

Primewell Tires is manufactured by GiTi Tires, a company headquartered in Singapore. Currently, the company’s scale is quite large, with eight production facilities, more than 32,000 employees worldwide, and distributed in more than 130 countries.

Since the 1950s, they have embarked on producing bicycle tires and tattoos in Indonesia. After that, they gradually began to switch to producing tires for vehicles.

GiTi started entering the Chinese market in 1993. They quickly combined with joint venture companies to expand production scale. By 1998, their exclusive sales and distribution centers were established throughout the provinces.

In general, the tire’s design gives buyers a feeling of excitement. The handling factor has been greatly enhanced to ensure your safety with a special design. If the application on the road is not good, you can completely get injured, and your life will then be threatened.

This product provides stability when moving with wide shoulder grooves, especially on slippery wet roads. Besides, the ability to control and steer is also focused on. Water will not be able to penetrate the tire thanks to this important detail.

Traction is an important factor in determining how well a tire can perform. When on the move, Primewell has a specially designed side drag for increased grip, so you won’t slip when cornering.

Everyone cares about the price, which is also one of the factors that manufacturers pay attention to. For this parts maker, you don’t have to worry about spending too much money on add-ons as they have pretty decent prices to compete in the fierce market.

However, this product line also has its limitations. This tire is not intended for speed driving. So if you accelerate too quickly, the tires will lose grip, leading to dangerous rides. Of course, the same goes for making sharp, hard turns.

This product line is not intended for sports cars, so we recommend skipping the products from Primewell if you are looking for specialized accessories. This tire is geared towards safer driving and more comfortable everyday experiences. So if you are a speed enthusiast, then this product is not suitable.

Primewell’s Most Popular Tire Models

Primewell Valera A/T

Primewell Valera AT
Model: Valera A/T
Category: All Terrain
Load Index: 121
Speed Rating: S
No rating yet

As a product that is considered to be able to move on all terrains, Primewell Valera A / T has done what the manufacturers wanted. They offer a mileage warranty of up to 50,000 miles.

With excellent grip, the tire can move in any road condition. The good point is that the product works quite well in winter weather and flooded roads. Besides, the car still has quite a good traction to ensure sustainability when handling corners.

However, this tire makes quite a noise when operating. When traveling on the highway, the phenomenon of sluggishness always appears, and there is the noise that makes it difficult for the driver to focus on his journey.

Moreover, it is quite strange that the tire ensures the ability to operate on all terrains, but the car does not meet the requirements on muddy roads and hard rocks.

Primewell Valera H/T

Primewell Valera HT
Model: Valera H/T
Category: All Season
Speed Rating: S
No rating yet

The specialized product line for trucks and SUVs. In our opinion, this item is usable for all seasons. With high quality, Primewell Valera H/T has a pretty grippy design and works well in all types of terrain.

On dry roads, at the same time, on uneven roads, this product still ensures stable operation to move smoothly. In addition, the ability to operate on the road is also quite good, even in wet road conditions.

Of course, if there are advantages, there must also be disadvantages. Unpleasant sounds also often appear on road trips. Many people think that because the price is quite cheap, that discomfort is completely acceptable. Poor handling when driving is also a limitation of this product.

In addition, the manufacturer does not provide a warranty for this tire. Indeed, this is a shortcoming because it will make you insecure about moving house in the long run.

Primewell Valera Sport AS

Primewell Valera Sport AS
Model: Valera Sport AS
Load Index: 94
Speed Rating: W
No rating yet

Walking on dry roads seems pretty good. When accelerating suddenly, the car feels quite good. But deviation can happen in the case when the road has many corners. But rest assured because this only happens at high speed.

The same goes for slippery roads with lots of water. These products are still pretty stable to ride, but there are still bends that create a challenge for this one. As for the snow, we advise you not to expect too much from them. Even if the snow is small, you should not drive.

One thing we quite like about choosing this product is the comfort. You will appreciate it if you are a person who enjoys casual trips. If you are a speed lover, you will find this tire very boring to drive.

The car will not make noise at low speeds, but gradually increasing the speed will make an annoying sound.

Primewell PS830/850

primewell PS830-850
Model: PS850
Load Index: 98
Speed Rating: T
No rating yet

Belonging to the cheapest product line, this is a bright spot that the publisher can provide to consumers. This tire does not carry too many outstanding features as a cheap product. Perhaps, its outstanding point is the ability to move smoothly on long trips.

Although tires can reduce noise and impact, unfortunately, the sound is still not reduced by much. When traveling on the highway, the tires make a constant noise, especially when your car is going at high speed.

As mentioned above, their lifespan is not too durable because they are quite low tires. Many estimate that cracks in the surface begin to appear within just 14,000 to 15,000 miles. And that’s when you should consider replacing it with a new one.

Primewell PS890 Touring

Primewell PS890 touring
Model: PS890 Touring
Load Index: 98
Speed Rating: T
No rating yet

It is classified as an all-season product. Primewell PS890 Touring is inferior to similar products and has a low lifespan. Besides, there is a limitation that this tire is not covered by a warranty. And these tires are not designed for speed purposes.

The symmetrical tread design provides good mobility on different terrains. Smooth ride on dry roads. In particular, this ability is still guaranteed when you drive on wet roads.

In addition, the angular design is quite creative. You can move very well in snow or dirty road conditions. Traction is also increased to ensure safety when handling and cornering.

Cost of Primewell Tires

You are wondering about a tire that is not too expensive but do not know which type is suitable. We recommend Primewell tires. This is an option that makes you feel quite satisfied with the quality with a small budget.

Currently, the lowest price you can find on the market is around $70 for a tire. That also means you only need to shell out about $280 for a set of four.

It is helpful if you don’t worry that cheap products will bring a bad user experience. With products from the manufacturer Primewell, you will be a bit surprised with the worthwhile performance they bring.

Always focusing on customers is the reason why they are always interested in producing quality products. Therefore, they create a solid trust for consumers to continue using their products.

Why Choose Primewell Tires

Price is a factor that is always put on top for consumers to decide whether to buy something. Although it is not the most inexpensive tire on the market, this tire is quite affordable compared to other famous brands.

Besides, comfort is the next factor many drivers consider when choosing a new tire. Unexpected cases may disrupt experiences on the go. With a special design, the manufacturer has researched to create a tire that is quite suitable for travel.

In addition, the noise has also been minimized. Of course, there will still be sounds that are hard to ignore. In general, you will not be annoyed by them at a fairly moderate pace.

The quality is almost indisputable. Before the tires are shipped, the experts and designers check them very carefully. Primewell’s rubber compound is quite good, making it difficult to wear the tire during long-term travel.

Besides, the handling and braking ability of the tire is also designed appropriately to create a sense of safety for the user.


Are Primewell Tires Good?

In our opinion, this tire is quite good. Quality staff, advanced equipment, and high-quality materials always create good products to satisfy customers.

As a manufacturer with a high status in this field, they always focus on developing their products in the best way to suit consumers’ tastes.

However, there is no such thing as a perfect product. Everything has to have a positive and a negative side. But if you ask us if this tire is good, the answer is “Yes”.

Who Makes Primewell Tires?

Primewell tire manufacturer is GITI Tires, one of the professional high-performance tire manufacturers globally. The company started operating Primewell Tires in the 1950s.

The company has expanded to more than 100 countries and over 3.5 million vehicles worldwide.

Are Primewell Tires Noisy?

Sound problems are always a concern of many drivers. When moving, if it emits noise, it may affect the driving process. Fortunately, the manufacturer has paid attention to this detail. For Primewell tires, you can rest assured.

However, there are still product lines that may make you unsatisfied. PS830 and PS850 are such tires. So we advise you to be extra cautious if you intend to use them.

Are Primewell tires Chinese?

It sounds like you have confused the place of manufacture and the official headquarters of the company. The tires are made in China and then shipped to other markets like the US. These companies include Firestone, Wheel Works, ExpertTire, and more.

Currently, the company’s head office is located in Singapore. The company has eight factories located in China and Indonesia, estimated to produce nearly 300,000 products per day.

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