Top 10 Best Tires For Toyota Tacoma – Ultimate Buying Guide

By David Barlow
Last updated: Feb 11, 2023
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Different users have specific opinions about Toyota Tacoma tires. Some people agree that the best tires should have a high-speed rating. Others expect their products to have high durability and resist environmental impacts.

In this article, we review the top 10 best tires for Tacoma. Each has its own outstanding features to serve specific purposes. No matter how your priority for this type of product is, you definitely will find the best product.

Original Equipment Tacoma Tires

The current tire generation of Toyota Tacoma appears in different trim sizes:

  • 16-inch wheels (SR trim:), size: P245/75R16
  • 16-inch wheels (TRD Pro trim), size: 265/7R16
  • 17-inch wheels, size: P265/65R17
  • 18-inch wheels, size: P265/60R18

Buying Guide

Types Of Tires

Touring and All-season Tire

As the name says, this type of tire is good to use in all seasons. The durability is not affected by weather conditions. Here are some advantages of the tire:

  • Provide smoothly rid
  • Have excellent traction on both wet and dry surfaces
  • Have a long tread life

A set of touring and all-season tires is good to use in both summer and winter. The all season tires for Toyota Tacoma we recommend is the Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus.

Performance Tire

Performance tires are appealing as they can give good traction on wet and dry roads, even when rolling at high speed. The pros of these tires are:

  • Offer high traction on any terrain
  • Give high grip on the road
  • Have high speed ratings

Keep in mind that performance tires have lower durability than other types. But if you only care about performance, don’t hesitate to install these tires to your Toyota Tacoma. The Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max is a good set of performance tires that you can try.

All-Terrain Tire

The all-terrain tires offer the highest driving comfort, regardless of road situations. We choose this type of tire as the best overall, due to the following advantages:

  • Give high off-road driving traction
  • Have high durability
  • Reduce noise when rolling on the roads

The Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 3 is a great sample for All-terrain tires.

Winter And Snow Tire

Winter and snow tires are specially designed with thick rubber compounds to grip closely on any snowy road. The patterns on their treads minimize the slipping distance as you brake on slippery and loose surfaces.

The best features of this tire type are:

  • Withstand the low temperature in winter
  • Resist wind and snow
  • Have high traction on the snowy road
  • Minimize slipping distance on slippery roads

If you require a special set of tires to install to your Toyota Tacoma in winter, don’t miss Winter And Snow tires. Firestone Destination LE2 may get your attention.


The UTQG (Uniform Tire Quality Grade) rating shows the durability of a tire. For example, the UTQG is 640 A A. This means:

  • 640: Durability rating. The higher the number, the longer the tread life is.
  • A: Traction rating. AA is the highest. A, B, and C come after.
  • A: Temperature rating. A is the best. B and C come after.

Among our top 10 picked products below, the BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport LT (700 B A) is the most durable model.

Tire Width

The wider the tire is, the more grip it provides. The Sumitomo Encounter AT offers high traction even in the most difficult weather. But small tires like Kumho Road Venture AT51 support a quieter ride, as they have lower contact with the road.

Tire Profile

A tire profile is an aspect ratio between the height and width of a tire. A set of tires with a lower aspect ratio usually have better lateral stability and provide greater steering. 

The best deal you can have is Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus, with a profile of 55.0. This number shows that the height of the tire is 55% of the overall width.

Tire Size

It is important to install a suitable tire size for your car. If the tire is smaller or bigger than the requirement, the ride may not be comfortable and smooth.

Toyota Tacoma accepts tires with rim sizes from 16 to 33 inches:

  • Best 16 inches: Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 3
  • Best 17 inches: Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus
  • Best 18 inches: Sumitomo Encounter AT
  • Best 20 inches: Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus
2021TRD Off-Road265/70R16
2021TRD Pro265/70R16
2021TRD Sport265/65R17
2020TRD Off-Road265/70R16
2020TRD Pro265/70R16
2020TRD Sport265/65R17
2019TRD Off-Road265/70R16
2019TRD Pro265/70R16
2019TRD Sport265/65R17
2018TRD Off-Road265/70R16
2018TRD Pro265/70R16
2018TRD Sport265/65R17
20172WD Access Cab245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17, 265/60R18
20172WD Double Cab245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17, 265/60R18
20174WD Access Cab245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17, 265/60R18
20174WD Double Cab245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17, 265/60R18
2017TRD Pro265/70R16
20162wd Access Cab245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17, 265/60R18
20162wd Double Cab245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17, 265/60R18
20164wd Access Cab245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17, 265/60R18
20164wd Double Cab245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17, 265/60R18
20152WD Access Cab215/70R15
20152WD Double Cab215/70R15
20152wd Prerunner Access Cab245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17
20152wd Prerunner Double Cab245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17, 265/60R18
20154wd Access Cab245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17
20154wd Double Cab245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17, 265/60R18
20142WD Access Cab215/70R15
20142WD Double Cab215/70R15
20142wd Prerunner Access Cab245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17
20142wd Prerunner Double Cab245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17, 265/60R18
20142wd Regular Cab215/70R15
20144wd Access Cab245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17
20144wd Double Cab245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17, 265/60R18
20144wd Regular Cab245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17
2013Access Cab 2wd215/70R15
2013Access Cab 2wd Prerunner245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17
2013Access Cab 4wd245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17
2013Double Cab 2wd215/70R15
2013Double Cab 2wd Prerunner245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17, 265/60R18
2013Double Cab 4wd245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17, 265/60R18
2013Regular Cab 2wd215/70R15
2013Regular Cab 4wd245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17
2013X-Runner' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'>255/45R18
2012Access Cab 2wd215/70R15
2012Access Cab 2wd Prerunner245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17
2012Access Cab 4wd245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17
2012Double Cab 2wd215/70R15
2012Double Cab 2wd Prerunner245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17, 265/60R18
2012Double Cab 4wd245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17, 265/60R18
2012Regular Cab 2wd215/70R15
2012Regular Cab 4wd245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17
2012X-Runner' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'>255/45R18
2011Access Cab 2wd215/70R15
2011Access Cab 2wd Prerunner245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17
2011Access Cab 4wd245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17
2011Double Cab 2wd215/70R15
2011Double Cab 2wd Prerunner245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17
2011Double Cab 4wd245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17
2011Regular Cab 2wd215/70R15
2011Regular Cab 4wd245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17
2011X-Runner' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'>255/45R18
2010Access Cab 2wd215/70R15
2010Access Cab 2wd Prerunner245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17
2010Access Cab 4wd245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17
2010Double Cab 2wd Prerunner245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17
2010Double Cab 4wd245/75R16, 265/70R16, 265/65R17
2010Regular Cab 2wd215/70R15
2010Regular Cab 2wd Prerunner245/75R16
2010Regular Cab 4wd245/75R16

Speed Rating

The tires offer excellent grip and brake at higher speed ratings. But they will also be less durable with high speed.

The speed ratings are determined as below:

  • Q: 160 km/h
  • S: 180 km/h
  • T: 190 km/h
  • U: 200 km/h
  • H: 210 km/h
  • V: 240 km/h
  • W: 270 km/h
  • Y: 300 km/h
  • (Y): Above 300km/h

The Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max is one of the top 4 models that have the highest speed rating (H) among 10 products below.

Best Tires for the Toyota Tacoma

1. Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 3

Best Overall

Bridgestone Dueler AT Revo 3
Section width: ‎265 Millimeters
Aspect Ratio: 65.0
Rim Diameter: 16 inches
Load index rating: 112.0
Speed rating: T
Tread depth: 13 32nds
UTQG: 540 A B
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The Bridgestone manufacturers have modeled a chip and tear-resistant material to the tread patterns to make them durable and well-balanced on any tough road. Plus, the grooves on the tires are specifically designed to give your ease in keeping the Toyota Tacoma stable while driving in corners or making a hard brake.

The speed rating of Revo 3 is just T, not the highest and not the lowest. You can rest assured that these best all-terrain tires for Tacoma of Bridgestone have a good balance between durability and road performance.

  • High traction in dry and wet conditions
  • Durable construction
  • Long tread warranty (60,000 miles)
  • Comfortable on-road and off-road ride
  • Not new in style
  • Average performance in snows

2. Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus

Best For Comfortable Long-distance Driving

Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus
Section width: ‎245 Millimeters
Aspect Ratio: 70.0
Rim Diameter: 17 inches
Load index rating: 110.0
Speed rating: T
Tread depth: 13 32nds
UTQG: 640 A B

When it comes to a comfortable and safe long-distance ride, the Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus will show the advantage, all thanks to its aggressive tread pattern and robust carcass. The manufacturer designs the tread patterns specifically to keep the all-terrain radial tire far from water, mud, and solid stones on the road.

We give our thumb up for the sipes, which are installed inside the tread blocks. These small pieces of equipment may look small, but they increase the levels of grip on all slippery surfaces. With the help of them, the tires will roll smoothly and securely on all types of tough terrain, over thousands of miles.

  • Provide good traction on snow, rocks, sand, grass, and muddy surfaces
  • Prevent dirt, mud, water, and small stones from sticking to the tires
  • Resist weather impact to remain durable
  • Getting noisy at high speed

3. Firestone Destination LE2 – Best For Driving In Snows

Firestone Destination LE2
Section width: ‎245 Millimeters
Aspect Ratio: 75.0
Rim Diameter: 16 inches
Load index rating: 109.0
Speed rating: S
Tread depth: 11 32nds
UTQG: 520 A B
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The Firestone Destination LE2 is a great alternative to Toyota Tacoma tires. The silica compound, plus the symmetric tread design patterns, increase the traction on wet, dry, and snow-covered surfaces. With the design, your Tacoma will go smoothly, regardless of the weather condition.

The LE2 winter tires perform well in both light snow and heavy snow. The unique cross grooves and zig-zag-styled sipes allow your vehicle to get through difficult roads with comfort and security.

  • High traction on dry, wet, and snow-covered roads
  • Make no road contacting noise
  • Durable tread
  • Comfortable ride
  • Not perform well on ice and hardpack

4. Sumitomo Encounter AT

Best For Performance In Heavy Weather

Sumitomo Encounter AT
Section width: ‎265 Millimeters
Aspect Ratio: 70.0
Rim Diameter: 18 inches
Load index rating: 116.0
Speed rating: T
Tread depth: 13.6 32nds
UTQG: 660 A B
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Sumitomo Encounter AT features a powerful construction with 5-rib design, deep tread depths, and strong 3D sipes. All pieces of equipment combine to provide the highest biting edges, allowing the tires to stay closed on both dry and wet roads.

There should be no worry about quality reduction due to weather impact. The UTQG of this radial tire shows that the Encounter AT model has a great temperature rating (class B), as well as a high durability rating of 660.

  • High ride quality in all weathers
  • Snow traction
  • Give tight bite on hard paved roads
  • Provide a lot of road noise

5. Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure with Kevlar

Best For Durability

GoodYear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure with Kevlar
Section width: ‎265 Millimeters
Aspect Ratio: 70.0
Rim Diameter: 16 inches
Load index rating: 112.0
Speed rating: T
Tread depth: 13 32nds
UTQG: 640 A B
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The Goodyear company applies Durawall technology to build the sidewall rubber compound, allowing the cord body of the tires to resist cuts, scuffing, abrasion, and punctures efficiently. These road tires will not tear out or reduce quality every time you drive your Tacoma over rough road terrain full of dirt, rock, etc.

It is clear about the durability of this Goodyear Wrangler All Terrain. The UTQG shows a high rating of 640 A B, which not all models on the list can have. Also, the speed rating is only at class T. This means the tires will grip wet roads worse in exchange for higher tread life.

  • High tread life
  • Good off-road traction
  • Smooth ride on rough surfaces
  • Suitable for daily driving
  • Low gripping on wet or mud terrains

6. Kumho Road Venture AT51

Best For Comfort And Silent Ride

Kumho Road Venture AT51
Section width: ‎265 Millimeters
Aspect Ratio: 75.0
Rim Diameter: 16 inches
Load index rating: 114.0
Speed rating: T
Tread depth: 13.5 32nds
UTQG: 540 A B
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Kumho Road Venture AT51 has a symmetric tread matched up with variable pitch blocks and jointless bead bundles, along with a 2-ply polyester cord body. This design is to reduce the high amount of noise the tires create when contacting the road surface.

Kumho manufacturers even add full-depth circumferential grooves to the tires, allowing them to run smoothly on any type of off-road that is full of dirt and gravel.

  • High off-road traction
  • Treadwear resistance
  • Quiet ride
  • Bad traction in deep mud

7. BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport LT

Best For Stability

BFGoodrich Advantage TA Sport LT
Section width: ‎235 Millimeters
Aspect Ratio: 55.0
Rim Diameter: 20 inches
Load index rating: 102.0
Speed rating: H
Tread depth: 13 32nds
UTQG: 700 B A
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The highest speed rating of class H (among 10 products on this list) already describes how well the BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport LT can perform traction on roads. Plus, with the same lowest aspect ratio of 55.0 as the Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus, This Sport LT will offer the most responsive steering for the highest stability on all types of terrains.

It is true that a high-speed rating leads to reduced durability. However, this Sport LT seems to be an exception, as the UTQG shows the highest durability rating of 700, along with a traction rating of class B, and a temperature rating of class A. So if you need a good product of both performance and a long lifespan, go for this model!

  • Offer quiet ride
  • Provide high traction
  • Give responsive steering
  • High tread life
  • Not good for driving in hard and sudden corners

8. Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus

Best For Steering And Handling

Bridgestone Dueler HL Alenza Plus
Section width: ‎225 Millimeters
Aspect Ratio: 65.0
Rim Diameter: 17 inches
Load index rating: 102.0
Speed rating: H
Tread depth: 10 32nds
UTQG: 600 A B
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The Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus belongs to the top 4 models in this list that have the highest speed rating (class H). However, thanks to the low aspect ratio of 55.0, this product still beat 2 other rivals below to become the best highway tires for Tacoma. It only stands after the BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport LT because of its lower UTQG rating.

With a low aspect ratio, the tires need less time to transmit the steering input from wheels to its tread, which leads to a faster response of the steering. As a result, the distortion is reduced, and the cornering traction increases. You will be able to handle your ride with ease on any type of terrain.

  • Give highly responsive steering
  • Comfortable ride
  • Durable tire
  • High speed rating
  • Hard to brake while driving on ice

9. Bridgestone Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia

Best For Fuel Efficiency

Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus
Section width: ‎225 Millimeters
Aspect Ratio: 65.0
Rim Diameter: 17 inches
Load index rating: 102.0
Speed rating: H
Tread depth: 10 32nds
UTQG: 600 A A

The characteristics of Bridgestone Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia and Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max are quite similar, except that the 433 Ecopia features a better temperature rating. It is not hard to explain, as the Bridgestone Dueler tire manufacturers apply a unique Fuel Saver compound in the sidewall to reduce the generation of heat, thereby improving the fuel efficiency.

  • Provide excellent traction
  • Reduce road noise (thin width for less contact with the road)
  • Reduce heat generation to reduce fuel consumption
  • Give good, responsive steering thanks to low aspect ratio
  • Bad high-speed cornering

10. Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max

Best For Speeding Ratings

Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max
Section width: ‎225 Millimeters
Aspect Ratio: 65.0
Rim Diameter: 17 inches
Load index rating: 102.0
Speed rating: H
Tread depth: 10 32nds
UTQG: 600 A B
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The Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max beats most of the other models on this list due to its highest speed rating. At class H, these tires perform improved grip and secure braking on all types of surfaces, no matter how fast you drive your Toyota Tacoma.

What allows the CS Fuel Max to have a high speed level is the grooves around the tread. They eject water away from the tire body to increase traction on slippery roads, as well as decrease hydroplaning risks. The tires also contain multiple sipes, which add biting edges to keep the car stable in snowy conditions.

  • High traction on wet and snowy roads
  • Smooth ride at high speed
  • Low resistance of rolling
  • Have high fuel economy
  • Medium temperature rating
  • Thin width

Toyota Tacoma Tire FAQs:

Best tires for Toyota Tacoma

Q1: What Tires Come On A Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road? 

A Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road comes with the tire: 265/70R16. 

Q2: What Tires Come On Tacoma TRD Sport? 

A Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport is packaged with the tire: P265/65R17.

Q3: How Long Do Toyota Tacoma Tires Last? 

Different Toyota Tacoma tires have different durability. You can see the UTQG rating (labeled on the tire) to check the tire life. Overall, Toyota Tacoma tires last up to 50,000 – 60,000 miles.

The durability depends on many other factors. If you drive your Toyota Tacoma on bad roads regularly, the tires may only last for 10,000 tires.

Q4: What Are The Biggest Tires You Can Put On A Toyota Tacoma?

The biggest tires you can install to a Toyota Tacoma is 285/70R17 (33 inches). But you will need a lift or do some modifications to be able to fit the tires in your car. 

The biggest ones you can fit into the Tacoma suspension without the need of lifting is 275/70/17.

Q5: Will 285 Tires Fit Toyota Tacoma?

As mentioned, 285 tires can fit Toyota Tacoma. 285/70R17 (33 inches) is a good sample. But you will need a lift or modify the fender to install the tires. 

Q6: Why Not Replace with Original Equipment Tires? 

You have multiple better options for car tires from other brands. So why stick to original equipment when you can purchase tires that are stronger and more durable?

There is nothing wrong with replacing OE tires, as long as the new tires meet your car requirements. Make sure that the replacement tire is of the correct and suitable size, speed ratings, width, profile, and so on.


In our opinion, the Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 3 deserves to be the best Tacoma tires overall. The tires have a great balance between durability and performance. They also support responsive steering, with an aspect ratio of 65.0. The design makes it suitable for everyday driving.

The other models are also good to buy. Each one has its own specialty. Please check every factor that we have explained in the buying guide to find the right product for your needs!

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