Falken Tire Review – Why Should You Choose This Tire?

By David Barlow

Last updated: May 28, 2024
Falken tire reviews

Falken Tire reviews

Driving enthusiasts tend to be fond of a pair of tires fitted on a wide array of vehicles rather than a car with a cool style or engine. If you’ve done some researches on tires, you must have encountered Falken tires. They are gaining rising popularity due to their excellent availability.

Nevertheless, the question is, “should we go for Falken tires or not?”. Consulting this Falken tire review can help you make a better decision on tire buying.

Overall Falken Tire Review

Falken Company is a leading global brand majoring in the design, construction, and sales of tires for trucks, passenger cars, sedans, and SUVs. As a tire supplier, not only is Falken tire renowned for its availability but also its overall performance.


Falken producers have engineered their tires to conquer all off-road terrains, ranging from dry, wet to snow traction. Indeed, those are not a winter tire, so they rarely deliver effective braking when surfing on snow.

However, wet traction is exactly the Falken tire’s core strength. The grip is tight, the braking is responsive, and hydroplaning is nullified in rainy weather or wet conditions.

Falken tires rating in the dry traction category is relatively high. Although they lack precision, sometimes, in the corners, users can still have fun when driving in the dry and hot weather.

Riding Experience

Generally, Falken’s tire lineup delivers a light handling owing to different design elements. The constant center rib ensures a wholesome and smooth ride, while the wide shoulder block adds to the tires’ concerning stability.

In terms of noise comfort, Falken tire incorporates Silent Core technology to minimize noise emission as they roll on. As a result, those tires offer customers an extremely tranquil riding experience.


Falken has adopted enhanced design techniques and remarkably innovative technologies to boost a long-lasting tread life and durability.

In particular, the Neo-T01 manufacturing technique considerably contributes to deter the tires from varying in quality or shape after long-term use.

Falken Tire Review: Pros & Cons

Buyers can look at the upsides and downsides of the product to have the right buying decision.



  • Great wet traction and quite good dry traction
  • Vibration control
  • Quiet
  • Long-lasting and durable


  • Inadequate snow traction

Why Should You Buy Falken Tire?

From the perspective of a tire-loving crowd, we consider Falken tires a worth-buying product.

We were tremendously amazed at how well they perform on wet pavement. We can confidently push the accelerator to the limit and let our tires play with water.

As expected, the Falken tire is not for winter. We couldn’t experience responsiveness when gripping our steering wheel. Should it frequently snow in your living area, you’d better look for another tire.

The tires’ dry traction is fairly nice if we run them at a medium speed. But when we drive aggressively, the tires sometimes are uncontrollable and pose an imprecision.

What’s more, Falken tire’s computer-optimized tread pattern delivers an extended tread life with superb durability. It remains fresh and new after nearly 5-month use.

If you’re used to quiet and relaxing driving, a pair of Falken tires will be an ideal option. You can enjoy a comfortably quiet riding experience while listening to a playlist of favorite melodies.

All in all, Falken tires are perfect for daily driving or outdoorsy people who are into chilling trips, not adventurous ones.

Bottom Line

Choosing the best set of tires is essential not only for the riding experience but also for safety purposes. Our advice is that you should opt for reliable brands like Falken when shopping for tires.

We hope our Falken tire review has given you a hand to answer the question, “why should you buy a set of Falken tires?”. This sort of tire delivers such an impressive performance that consumers can’t ignore.

Consumer Reviews by Falken Tire Model


Extreme Performance Summer

Grand Touring All-Season

Azenis RT615K+ Sincera SN250A A/S
Azenis RT660

Ultra High Performance Summer

Temporary/Compact Spare
Azenis FK510
Pro G4 AS


Street/Sport Truck Summer On-/Off-Road All-Terrain
Azenis FK510 SUV WildPeak A/T Trail
Azenis FK510A SUV WildPeak A/T Trail 01A
WildPeak A/T3W
WildPeak A/T3W A
Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season Off-Road Maximum Traction
WildPeak H/T WildPeak M/T

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