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By David Barlow
Last updated: Nov 17, 2022
Best place to buy tires online

Most people will traditionally purchase the tires at the store, but it is not the case with today’s shopping. Instead, you can get all your needs with the help of the internet.

Many online sites offer great deals for tires as the winter season is coming, people need to get winter tires for the snowy weather. However, finding the best place to buy tires online is not easy; recklessly choosing bad quality tires can cost you much more money for fixing and replacement.

In today’s article, we will give you comprehensive reviews for the best site to buy tires. So let’s scroll down to get further information!

Why Should You Buy Tires Online?


The first thing that comes to your mind when making an online purchase is the price. You will have a better chance of getting a good deal when shopping online.

Many stores give a promotion like discounts or free shipping for any online orders. Especially on the sale day, the online stores will offer pretty good prices compared to store retailers; you can expect a 20 – 30% price difference.


Convenience is another unbeaten point for online retailers. Let’s say you are trying to look for winter tires and have gone through many reviews. The Nokian Hakkapeliitta IIs is an ideal and excellent choice for you, but the closet store is 85 miles far away from your house. 

Instead of going to the store to get what you need, you can make an online order and request any tailored adjustments at ease.

Ensure Your Hard-To-Find Tires In Stock

The sedan or SUV cars will not be complex for you to buy the standard tires, but terrain tires are another story. These tires are not usually in stock at your local store and will be sold out quickly as the demand for these is high. 

You can ensure your best all-terrain tires are in stock and get them secured by ordering online. Then, whenever they are ready, you can go to the store and get them installed. 

Excellent Information

An online platform is a good place for you to find the best place to get tires as you will get different comments from many buyers about the features, benefits, specifications, and so on. Based on that, you can make a solid decision to purchase the tires that you and your vehicle are happy with.

Customer Service 

Many online retailers feature excellent and knowledgeable customer services that will swiftly respond to all of your inquiries. The FAQs platform can cover most simple questions, and the online chat platform allows you to ask questions and get valuable answers from specialists.

Also, you can contact them directly through the online customer support section without incurring any additional charges during business hours on business days.

Nowadays, we can benefit from the strong growth of worldwide shipping. Regardless of where you are, your online order will be shipped promptly without delay; and the fee is reasonable compared to the time you need to travel to pick the item.

Last Christmas, we ordered tires with a unique tread design, and there is no local store that can accommodate our request. There is the only store that can get it done, but it is pretty far from us. The store owner guaranteed we would get it by the week after; surprisingly, it was shipped within that week, and we got it installed for our off-road trip.

Best 6 Places To Buy Tires Online

1. Tire Rack

Tire Rack

Tire Rack is one of the kings of online retailers; it features wet, high traction, or winter tires. The reputable company starts mail ordering tires through the ads campaign in all well-known car magazines. When the internet took off, the company focused mainly on the online section.

Many car lovers become loyal customers to the website as it offers a wide range of selections at reasonable prices. For example, off-road drivers can purchase all-terrain tires that boost the speed rating and high level of traction. If you don’t want to change the tires due to season changes; this website can offer the all-season tires to you. 

The site is a fantastic resource for everything you could ask for. It comes with a sort-out feature that can ease your work of finding tires. You will save much time and can pick up the tire that fits your car the most. Tire Rack deserves to be listed as the best online tire store this winter season. 

2. Discount Tire

Discount Tire

Discount Tire is another platform for your purchase. It offers the best tires online; you will have various options to choose from brands, sizes, and preference styles. In addition, all the tires will come with the standard warranty from the manufacturers, but an exclusive warranty is also available to upgrade. 

On this website, you are entitled to valuable information, guidelines on how to pick up the subtable tire for your car models. On some special occasions like Christmas, it promotes many exciting deals that can save you a lot of money, meaning that you can buy the top quality tires at the lowest price.

Fast shipping is another bonus point for this website as it has multiple distribution stores crossing the States. You can expect to have the item delivered to your door within 3-4 business days from the day of the successful order.

3. TireBuyer

Tire Buyer

If you are a big fan of Michelin, Continental, BFGoodrich, etc., the Tire Buyer will be the best place to get tires. The website offers fantastic guidelines which will guide you through each step to pick the perfect tire.

TireBuyer is based on various factors like customer service, the top seller in your area, fuel consumption, and comfort level to generate the tire recommendation. Many great deals are available on special occasions like Black Friday, Christmas on this website; if you sign up for the newsletter, you won’t miss out on any of them. 

Identical to the Discount Tire, the TireBuyer has numerous warehouses across the country and will ship the item to the closest recommended installer. You also have the standard warranty from the manufacturer and a 45-day policy of returning for unmounted tires with free shipping. 

4. Simple Tire

Simple Tire

Are you tight on budget but hungry to get new tires? Simple Tire will be the best site to buy tires for you. This website offers excellent payment options like monthly payments or orders without full payment. Depending on your location compared to its warehouse, you may be eligible for the free shipping with standard shipment.

On this website, you can browse by brand, handling level, speed rating, or fuel consumed to get suitable tires for your vehicle. Simple Tire also guarantees the fixed charge for installation when reassembling at its partner service. Thus, you will be worry-free for finding an installation store with reasonable prices. 

5. Priority Tire

Priority Tire

If you are looking for the best place to order tires online to get a free shipment to the contiguous 48 U.S states, Priority Tire is for you. It can ship the items on the same day you place your order and provide a 90-day return policy for unmounted tires.

The Priority Tire offers a great price, same as the Simple Tire, with 55% off compared to shop retailers. In addition, this website features many choices of brands like Goodyear Firestone or Bridgestone for you to choose from.

The parameters of tires are also well presented on the website and easy to follow; for instance, you can know how much temperature the tire averagely generates for certain miles or the barking reaction of the tire on different surfaces.

6. Amazon

Amazon Tire is a website with which many online buyers are familiar, but it is new to this field compared to other online businesses. This website offers exciting deals for various well-known brands like Michelin, Bridgestone, or Continental. Once you sign up for the Amazon Prime Membership, you can access the free or discounted shipping fee, depending on your location. is a trustworthy and reliable website; it provides the platform for the buyer to comment about the product after experiencing it. Based on that, you can find the best tire for your vehicle.

Also, customer service is another bonus point for this website; it guarantees to protect buyers from any delayed shipment and low-chargeable expert installation at home.

Why We Like Our Recommended Online Tire Retailers

We have been experiencing buying tires online for years, from the cheapest high-school deal to the most expensive one. So we understand how frustrated you will be when selecting the best tire website because you can’t have an authentic look or touch until the tires are shipped to your door.

Many drivers became the victim of fraudulent charges, or the quality of the product is not the same as advertisements. So we are here to help you avoid the issue.

All the recommended online websites above are trustworthy and reliable; you can find everything you need there. They offer an excellent price compared to other websites suggested by the search engines tools. You will not need to find the local store for tire installation as these websites will take care of it for you with their service partner. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is Shipping Going To Cost?

It depends mainly on the place you live and where the item was shipped. For instance, if you request shipment from California to Boston, it may cost you less than 200 dollars for shipment. But shipping from Florida to Boston will save you much money as the miles are shorter. 

However, many websites offer free shipping when purchasing at a certain amount of money or on special occasions. So we suggest you sign up for the email with them to get the most updated information. 

Is It Necessary To Purchase An Extended Warranty From The Online Retailer?

It would be better for you to go with the option; let’s think about the problem when the standard warranty has just expired. Then, you may need to pay extra money for fixing, or even worse, scenarios will be the new purchase for tires. 

But if you have an extended warranty, you can send it back to the retailer and let them take care of it for you; if you are lucky enough, you may even receive the new tires. 

What Is The Best Month To Buy Tires?

Online purchases can save you significant amounts of money compared to purchasing at the local store. But purchasing in October or April can double the chance of saving money. 

Tires go on sale in October to urge the customer to replace the summer tire with the winter ones. In April, when the weather is getting warmer, it is time for drivers to start thinking about getting new tires for road trips or joy rides.

Does It Make Sense To Buy A Wheel And Tire Package From An Online Retailer?

Our answer is yes; we highly recommend you do it. As you know, certain tires will fit with specific wheels, and it is also crucial for your safety when you are driving at high speed.

If you want to change the tire, do yourself a favor by looking at the tire and wheel package as they were mounted and balanced to be compatible with each other. Of course, it would cost you a little more than getting your summer tires removed or winter tires installed, but your safety is guaranteed. 

Once the item is shipped at your door, you can install it yourself without an extra fee for professional installation.


We hope that through this article you have better information about the best place to buy tires online. Each website has the best features in a particular area, and you only need to pick the one that fits your desire the best. If you need any further assistance or recommendation, feel free to reach out.

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