Best Truck Tires In 2022: Detailed Reviews And Buying Guide

By David Barlow
Last updated: Nov 17, 2022
best truck tires

Tires are among the most important components of any automobile that requires maintenance, especially for SUVs and trucks. As your truck’s tires are the sole point of contact with the ground, they must be replaced on a regular basis.

Trucks are quite common in various countries for many reasons, including mobility, convenience, and modest off-roading. Since they’re not your normal subcompact or coupe, you’ll virtually always require the best truck tires suited for them.

Your truck’s tires suffer much damage, whether you use them for employment or entertainment. Because of their customizable characteristics, pickup trucks can withstand a broad range of road conditions. Getting to grips with tire replacement is critical to your truck’s performance, reliability, and efficiency. 

The best tires for trucks can even boost their functionality. You’ll need tires that are equally as competent as that of the rest of your truck to prevent becoming stranded. This includes knowing about tire sizes, tread designs, and capacity ratings. The right tires may completely change the way your truck performs.

However, today’s market is flooded with truck tires, finding it challenging to find and pick the right one for your needs. We’ve narrowed our findings to 12 of the best truck tires for your truck to make your selection easier.

The 12 Best Tire For Truck & Light Truck

Tires NameMain Feature
1. Michelin Defender LTX M/SBest For Overall
2. BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2Best All-Terrain Tire For Truck
3. Cooper Discoverer Rugged TrekBest Heavy-Duty Tires
4. Firestone Destination LE3Best Highway Truck Tire
5. Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2Best Snow Tire For Truck
6. Cooper Discoverer S/T MAXXBest Superior Off-Road Tire
7. Michelin Crossclimate2Top-Tier All-Season Street Tires For Light Truck
8. Pirelli Scorpion All-Season Plus 3Mid-Price All-Season Street Tires For Light Truck
9. Starfire Solarus APBest All-Season Budget Tires For Light Truck
10. Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015Mid-Price Off-Road Tires For Light Truck
11. Continental TerrainContact H/TMid-Price All-Season Street Tires For Full-Size Trucks
12. Kumho Road Venture AT51Mid-Price Off-Road Tires for Full-Size Truck

1. Michelin Defender LTX M/S – Best For Overall

Michelin Defender LTX MS
Michelin Defender LTX MS
Sizes Available: 13” to 20”
Speed Rating: T, H
Mileage Warranty: 70000 mile
Rim Width Range: 5.5” to 11”
Overall Diameter: 22.6” to 30”
Revs Per Mile: 699 to 913
Max Load Capacity: 1,356 lbs
Tread Depth: 10/32”
Max Inflation Pressure: 44 ps
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Michelin tires are known for their quality, and the Defender LTX M/S is no exception. There are numerous significant selling factors to this model that are worth discussing. The Michelin LTX M/S2 was developed to meet the demands of current vehicles by having long-lasting tread life and enhanced performance on the road than the preceding generation.

These tires combine symmetric tread patterns, reliable individual tread blocks, wear and tear-resistant Evertrend synthesis. Other characteristics include several lateral grooves to remove water and improve handling and braking efficiency in wet conditions.

The Defender LTX M/S also features Michelin’s MaxTouch Construction and  70000 tread-ware warranty for increased adhesion and tread lifespan and dual steel belts that are sturdy and durable enough to withstand large loads.

The tire’s super wet and slippery traction ensures your safety in even the most challenging scenarios. One downside is that these tires will struggle in heavy snow since they are not designed for harsh winter weather. Although they are more expensive, these tires are excellent if you prefer traveling long distances.

  • Outstanding performance in all conditions
  • Longer tread lifespan
  • Able to transport some lightweight loads
  • Can’t handle heavy snow
  • In the higher price range

2. BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 – Best All-Terrain Tire For Truck

BFGoodrich TA KO2
Sizes Available: 15” to 20”
Speed Rating: R, S, Q, T
Mileage Warranty: 50000 miles
Rim Width Range: 5.5” to 11”
Overall Diameter: 27” to 36.5”
Revs Per Mile: 569 to 751
Max Load Capacity: 2,755 lbs
Tread Depth: 15/32”
Max Inflation Pressure: 50 psi
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If you recognize the BFGoodrich All-Terrain tire, it’s because it’s been one of the most famous truck tires for many years. 

BFGoodrich has enhanced the All-Terrain T/A KO2 by using longer-lasting rubber, more robust sidewalls, and greater traction while keeping the same legendary tread design.

The current model features the same dependability we’ve come to expect, a 50,000-mile tread guarantee, and scalloped shoulder grooves for added off-road grip.

The strong and self-cleaning tread pattern of the All-Terrain T/A KO2 makes them one of the finest all-terrain truck tires. The tires have a broad tread that resists puncture wounds and bruising. The sides are 20% thicker than in prior generations, which improves grip and handling when the tires are inflated.

In addition, the treads are intended to loop over the tire’s shoulder and incorporate upper sidewall protection. The BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tires are terrific on the road, but they also perform well off-road and in muddy conditions.

The biggest disadvantage of the product is that purchasing the whole set will need significant financial investment. In addition, when the tire begins to wear down, wet traction is the first thing to go. The wheels underperform in deep snow and produce lots of noise on the road due to their aggressive tread pattern.

  • Advanced quality
  • One of the best-looking one
  • Perform well off-road and in muddy conditions
  • Quite pricey
  • Loud on-road noise

3. Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek: Best Heavy-Duty Tires

Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek
Category: All Terrain
Warranty: 60,000 miles
Max Speed: 118 mph (T Rated)
Load Range: XL
Load Index: 116 (2756 lbs)
Sizes Available: 16″, 17″, 18″, 20″, 22″
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The Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek tires are robustly designed all-terrain tires with a loading index of 2,806 pounds per tire for exceptional extra load abilities. They are designed for drivers who desire a tire that can handle the rough and the smooth—and vice versa.

Since they are intended for pickup trucks, SUVs, and vans, they feature a strong off-road appearance while maintaining a smoother and more comfortable experience on highways and roads.

These tires perform well in dry, wet, and winter weather and light snow. Cooper also allows drivers to customize their tires’ appearance by letting them pick which side of the tire is positioned externally on the wheel.

The deep, high-void tread design on this tire prevents hydroplaning and promotes ride comfort and road traction.

Because this tire’s major goal is lifespan and comfort, it is considered lower than that of other all-terrain tires. Just like the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2, Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek is a higher-priced tire and can produce quite a lot of noise on the road.

  • Extra load ratings provide styling alternatives
  • Performs well on any terrain
  • Flat spot proclivities
  • More expensive
  • Can produce lots of noise

4. Firestone Destination LE3: Best Highway Truck Tire

Firestone Destination LE3
Category: All Season
Warranty: 70,000 miles
Max Speed: 130 mph (H Rated)
Load Range: SL
Load Index: 97 (1609 lbs)
Sizes Available: 15″, 16″, 17″, 18″, 19″, 20″, 22″
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The Firestone Destination LE3 is among the finest highway truck tire on the marketplace. They are designed for great highway performance, extended wear, minimal noise, and driving comfort.

Firestone makes some strong promises for this product, which it mostly succeeds in backing up. The Destination LE3 is just as excellent as, if not better than, its forerunner in terms of dry performance.

The wet performance of this model is one of its strongest features. The hydro-grip technology allows water to drain from beneath the tires.

In wet circumstances, this gives outstanding grip, and on snow, it performs admirably. The 3D sipe design will help slightly, but it won’t handle thick or compacted snow.

Durability is outstanding, comparable to superior tire brands. Because of the adhesion technology, which assures extended life and even wears, Firestone gives you a 70000-mile warranty.

The only drawback of these tires is their off-road and ice performance. They will still not be able to manage the circumstances in either instance.

  • Dry and wet performance is exceptional
  • Can handle mild snowfall conditions
  • Low traffic noise
  • Long-lasting tread
  • Poor-rated off-road and ice performance

5. Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2: Best Snow Tire For Truck

Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2
Season: Winter/snow
Size: 16″ to 22″
Construction: Radial
Speed Index: T, S, R
Mileage Warranty: None
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If you live in a location where driving through thick snow, mud, or icy roads is common, the Blizzak’s improved grip is difficult to beat. Bridgestone’s adaptable NanoPro Tech Multicell composition allows the Blizzaks to stay flexible in under-zero temperatures. It can wick away compacted snow and ice and deliver excellent traction.

The Blizzak DM-V2 comes with three-dimensional zig-zag siping that assists adhesion, and the compounds are formed into a directed tread pattern with sharp block edges and strong lateral. The circular grooves can also channel water, ice, or snow off the contact surface.

However, you need to get a full set of four Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 tires to deliver the finest handling and efficiency. These tires have a depth indication that lets you know when the tire’s capacity to deliver assured snow traction has reached its limit.

  • Outstanding snow performance
  • Hydroplaning-resistant
  • Indicators of tire wear
  • Louder road noise
  • Need to purchase a four-tires set

6. Cooper Discoverer S/T MAXX – Best Superior Off-Road Tire

Cooper Discoverer ST MAXX
Category: All Terrain
Warranty: No
Max Speed: 100 mph (Q Rated)
Load Range: E
Load Index: 115/112 (2679/2469 lbs)
Sizes Available: 15″, 16″, 17″, 18″, 20″
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The Cooper Discoverer S/T MAXX is a robust off-road professional-grade traction tire with great on-road performance and better ride comfort. It comes with a 3-ply Armor Tek-3 structure for enhanced strength and durability, ideal for truck, big van, and SUVs drivers.

The Armor Tek-3 structure and a robust new silica and synthetic rubber cutting and chipping resistant tread compound offer a tire that can endure the pounding impact of pebbles and other debris against the tire surface.

Cooper has introduced an angled ply structure to help distribute the impact forces that may cause serious damage to any tire. Another feature worth mentioning is how quieter this tire is compared with similar products, especially when you initially ride at full speed.

The only drawback of the Cooper Discoverer S/T MAXX is that it only comes with a restricted tread guarantee and is available in sizes ranging from 15-20 inches.

  • Wonderful off-road performance
  • Amazing wet handling
  • Reduced road noise
  • The size range is limited

7. Michelin Crossclimate2: Top-Tier All-Season Street Tires For Light Truck

Michelin CrossClimate 2
Key Feature
  • Exceptional traction in severe snow conditions
  • Directional tread pattern
  • V-Formation tread design
  • 3D SipeLock technology
  • Tire Size16″, 17″, 18″, 19″ and 20″.
    Price Range$147.99 to $278.99
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    Because of its extended tread life and fantastic performance on various types of terrain and road surfaces, the Michelin CrossClimate2 is an ideal all-season tire. It’s designed for vehicles and crossovers, but it also satisfies the toughest snow servicing criteria in the industry. 

    It’s intended to be a wonderful solution for drivers who live in areas that encounter different seasons but don’t get enough snow to warrant a winter tire.

    This product’s distinctive directional design is outstanding. Biting edges are provided by the V-shaped design stated previously to increase grip on wet or dry roadways. A tire with a good road grip can increase your efficiency and guarantee that your tire does not wear out rapidly.

    The CrossClimate 2 also features the Michelin significant “Piano Noise Reduction Tuning, ” which efficiently minimizes road noise. Furthermore, this tire makes extremely little noise on dry surfaces or highways, thanks to the unique tread pattern. 

    The tire also uses 3D siping technology to improve tire response in a variety of driving situations. The more sensitive your tire is, the easier it is to maneuver. However, while the CrossClimate 2 will function admirably on icy roads, it will not be able to take the place of a specialized winter tire.

    On the other hand, the CrossClimate 2 isn’t designed to be driven off-road. When you meet off-road driving situations, it will not give you appropriate and consistent traction.

    • Extended tread life
    • Fantastic performance on different terrains
    • Minimized road noise
    • Can’t function well in snow and off-road situations

    8. Pirelli Scorpion All-Season Plus 3: Mid-Price All-Season Street Tires For Light Truck

    Pirelli Scorpion AS Plus 3
    Category: All Season
    Warranty: 70,000
    Max Speed: 149 mph (V Rated)
    Load Range: SL
    Load Index: 99 (1709 lbs)
    Sizes Available: 17″, 18″, 19″, 20″, 22″
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    Pirelli’s Scorpion series is built for crossovers, SUVs, and pickups. While the company has long been known for its high-quality efficiency, Pirellis frequently sacrifice effectiveness for tire life. The  Scorpion All-Season Plus 3 improves tread life, with Pirelli estimating a 70,000-mile life, which puts it on the level with other greatest tires.

    This model is meant to meet all of the requirements of a superior all-season tire while also being ecologically friendly. The firm has concentrated on reducing the tire’s carbon impact while increasing its fuel economy. This is accomplished by lowering the tire’s rolling resistance and employing lightweight materials in its manufacture.

    The performance of the Scorpion All-Season Plus 3 is outstanding, with great grip in a range of circumstances thanks to a silica-enhanced compound sculpted into such an asymmetrical tread pattern.

    Four large circumferential grooves help prevent aquaplaning, while diagonal and high-density lateral sipes help with winter driving ability and excellent durability.

    If you want a tire that is both comfortable and performs well across the board, this Pirelli option is hard to beat. However, because this is an all-season tire, suitable winter tires are recommended if you reside in a snowy area.

    • Fuel efficiency
    • 70,000-mile tread guarantee
    • Improved winter driving ability and excellent durability
    • Not suitable in snowy areas

    9. Starfire Solarus AP – Best All-Season Budget Tires For Light Truck

    Starfire Solarus AP
    Category: All Terrain
    Warranty: 50,000 miles
    Max Speed: 106 mph (R Rated)
    Load Range: E
    Load Index: 115 (2679 lbs)
    Sizes Available: 15″, 16″, 17″, 18″, 20″
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    Starfire is a subsidiary of Cooper Tire. This implies they may incorporate some of Cooper’s technology into their goods while still selling them at a lesser cost. 

    The Solarus AS is not only an all-season tire not designed particularly for older automobiles but also for anyone who does not want to spend a fortune on tires. They are made for various vehicles, including trucks, sedans, crossovers, and even muscle cars and SUVs.

    This model features an upgraded tread compound and tread pattern for its all-season traction capability. Solarus AP provides a seamless ride with simple steering control and deep, lateral shoulder grooves that provide good traction during the tire’s lifespan.

    The tire’s biting edges and sipes were precisely placed to handle dry, rainy, and cold conditions. Additionally, the new tire option keeps you from surpassing your speed rating. When compared to its forebears, this tire has a wider fitting.

    The treadlife of the Solarus AS isn’t especially spectacular, at least when compared to high-end tires. The tire is covered by a 50,000-mile treadwear guarantee, much less than the 65,000- to 80,000-mile treadwear warranties offered by more costly tires. On dry or icy roads, the performance seemed adequate for the price.

    • Comfortable on rough roads
    • Makes very little noise on the highway
    • Excellent highway stability
    • Treadlife isn’t noteworthy
    • Below average dry and icy tractions

    10. Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015: Mid-Price Off-Road Tires For Light Truck

    Yokohama Geolandar AT G015
    Sizes Available: 15” to 20”
    Speed Rating: H
    Mileage Warranty: 60000 miles
    Rim Width Range: 5” to 11”
    Overall Diameter: 26” to 33.7”
    Revs Per Mile: 602 to 790
    Max Load Capacity: 2940 Pounds
    Tread Depth: 12/32”
    Max Inflation Pressure: 44 psi
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    Yokohama claims that the Geolandar A/T G015 is the firm’s strongest and most adaptable all-terrain tire. It is designed to improve performance in many important areas and replace the original AT-S.

    With this model, Yokohama employs a strong Enduro all-season tread compound with orange oil and innovative high-tech polymers to provide improved grip on and off the road and longer tread life.

    Furthermore, EdgeTec Grooves aid in creating a bigger void area on the surface, which aids in the removal of debris, gravel, and significant amounts of mud from the tire.

    This model is built to provide a more enjoyable vehicle performance than you may expect on the freeway. Biting edges are added to the triple 3-D sipes for better grip on wet or winter weather pavement. Yokohama experts designed these sipes to change form as the tire wears down, ensuring maximum grip and keeping you safe.

    While several superb AT tires are on the market today, Yokohama has produced yet another high-quality addition to this class that comes highly recommended. However, they don’t exactly stand out when compared to similar tires.

    • Good on- and off-road traction
    • Better wet or winter performance
    • Longer treadlife
    • No remarkable feature yet

    11. Continental TerrainContact H/T: Mid-Price All-Season Street Tires For Full-Size Trucks

    Continental TerrainContact HT
    Category: All Season
    Warranty: 70,000 miles
    Max Speed: 130 mph (H Rated)
    Load Range: SL
    Load Index: 99 (1709 lbs)
    Sizes Available: 16″, 17″, 18″, 19″, 20″, 22″
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    Continental hopes that the TerrainContact H/T will give customers excellent on-road performance, a durable and sturdy  casing for better hauling and towing capacity, and durable efficiency.

    The Continental TerrainContact H/T comes in 10 LT-metric and 24 metric sizes, along with 16-22 inches wheel diameters.

    Nevertheless, the business ensures that owners of both older and modern automobiles will be able to locate the appropriate size. As a result, no matter which vehicle you own, the TerrainContact H/T can perfectly fit to it.

    The TerrainContact H/T delivers great wet performance and cornering grip. This tire will stay placed no matter how hard you push it. However, the  TerrainContact H/T’s ice performance isn’t great, and going too harsh with the tire isn’t good. It will be drivable as long as the inputs are handled carefully.

    The TerrainContact H/T is a tire worth the money, but it isn’t for everyone. Prices start at $165, as one would expect from a high-end tire company.

    • One of the finest wet performances
    • Advanced braking and dry handling
    • Outstanding treadwear guarantee
    • Struggles on ice surfaces
    • Quite expensive for some people

    12. Kumho Road Venture AT51: Mid-Price Off-Road Tires for Full-Size Truck

    Kumho Road Venture AT51
    Tread Depth: 13/32nds
    Load capacity: 10.4 inches
    Load capacity: 2601 Pounds
    Rim diameter: 18 Inches
    Speed Rating: T
    UTQG rating: ‎540AA
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    The Kumho Road Venture AT51 offers a variety of unique characteristics designed to provide better grip, particularly in snowy conditions, enhanced ride quality, and extended treadlife to drivers of all sorts of light truck, trucks, land rovers, and SUVs.The product comes with a novel dual Silicon dioxide tread composition designed especially for off-road conditions endurance.

    The tread blocks assist it in cleaning up better and improving grip in muck, water, and heavier snow. Deep mud is more difficult, but this tire isn’t designed or marketed as a major mudder.

    Although this tire makes a bit more noise than a Michelin AT2, it is far from overwhelming. Furthermore, wet traction and snow and ice performance are on par with the top tires.

    • Impressive off-road traction
    • Superb wet and winter performance
    • Good value for money
    • Poor traction in deep mud
    • Louder road noise

    How To Choose the Right Truck Tire?

    Light truck tire

    H/T (Highway Terrain) Tires For Daily Drive and Highway Travel

    Your SUV, crossover, or pickup truck most likely came equipped with a set of H/T tires designed for highway travel. A H/T tire is a fantastic choice if you don’t plan to travel off-road and want a tire that works well in both dry and wet weather.

    Among the best truck tires, highway tires feature the quietest tread. Noise is reduced by smaller spaces between tread blocks, continuous channels, and smoother shoulders.

    A/T (All-Terrain) Tires For On- And Off-Road Performance

    A/T tires are recommended for drivers who often travel on debris and gravel terrain between extended stints of highway travel. This includes those who prefer to take the back roads to a beautiful campground or other sports activities.

    The deeper tread pattern is geared for a pleasant ride on the pavement while still being developed to grip in various circumstances. Additionally, certain A/T tires are designed for year-round use in all weather conditions. In terms of vehicle noise and adhesion, all-terrain tires fall somewhere between the highway and mud-terrain tires.

    M/T (Mud Terrain) Tires For Off-Road Amateurs

    You will need to get a set of mud-terrain tires if you own a truck that is either elevated or already has enough elevation for your favorite off-road activity. M/T tires are for you in any case. The extreme traction qualities of mud-terrain tires may contribute to the amount of noise you hear.


    People typically have trouble deciding which tires to buy since there are so many options. It’s impossible to decide which ones are the best truck tires on this list because they all have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

    Choosing the appropriate tire may also ensure your safety, so we hope you can finally narrow down your selection with our article today!

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