Can You Drive With A Nail In Your Tire? Problem Solved

By David Barlow
Last updated: Nov 27, 2022
Can You Drive With A Nail In Your Tire

Every driver wants his journey to be smooth without difficulties obstructing the route. However, unexpected troubles, such as punctured tires by screws, will interrupt your journey and take a lot of time to repair tires.

How do you detect the object that punctured your tire in this situation? Can you drive with a nail or leave it and call roadside assistance?

How To Tell If There Is A Nail In Your Tire?

Tire Punctured

Once a sharp object is in the tire, you will feel certain changes during driving. For example, it will cause clicking sounds similar to metal hitting the pavement.

If you look closely at the wheel from the outside, you’ll notice that the screw protrudes to the outside. Some fairly new studs have a shiny color that stands out from the tire’s black, making detection easier.

The signs above all indicate a nail stuck inside your tire. Although its size is very small compared to the wheel, never underestimate the dangers it can bring to your journey!

Can You Drive With A Nail In Your Tire?

While we have provided you with many signs of a nail stuck, sometimes they are so vague that you won’t be able to spot them. As a result, you can only tell if your tires are damaged when some tire tread and vehicle maintenance services are in place.

So, can you drive with a screw in your tire?

You can drive with a nail in the tire, but this has never been recommended. If you detect an error but still intentionally ignore it, you will surely face dozens of messes related to your vehicle and driving experience.

The air pressure from the vehicle will cause the air in the tire to leak more and more, resulting in a much worse driving experience. Once the hole gets bigger, you will have to deal with the flat tire more often on the road.

Driving a flat tire damaged by a nail always carries the risk of a tire burst. Moreover, the hole will grow over time, resulting in all tire patching activities in vain. If this is the case, you will have to spend a lot of money to replace it with a new tire.

For your own sake and safety, our advice is to regularly check to detect if there is a sharp object piercing your tire. Then, immediately go to the nearest repair shop or the auto repair service to have your nails pulled and patched.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Tire Punctured By A Nail?

In the case of small punctures, you’ll only need to spend close to $50 for a mechanic to remove the nail and patch the tire. But for more difficult punctures, your price will depend on how severe your tires are.

How To Get A Nail Out Of Your Tire?

For professionals and experienced mechanics in the advanced tire center, pulling a nail out of a tire has never been a difficult challenge. Therefore, you should completely trust and entrust this task to them.

If you have the right tools and are confident in your skills, it is possible to do the tire repair yourself! Follow the guide below, and you will have a tire that works as if nothing happened.

First, you must completely disassemble the tire from the wheel, then use the available tools to remove the nail from the stuck position. Once the hole has been filled with the plug (or tire sealant), use the patch to seal the air inside your tire.

However, remember that not in every case can your tires be successfully repaired after a puncture. Once the hole is too large or on the sidewall and tire’s shoulder, it is best to replace the tire with a new product for your safety.

That’s why we say having at least one spare tire for your vehicle is never a bad idea!

How to Fix Nail in Tire – Do It Yourself for $5 Tire Plug Kit

Final Verdict

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