What Does The TPMS Light Mean? How Can You Fix It?

By David Barlow
Last updated: Nov 27, 2022
What Does The TPMS Light Mean

Tire Pressure Monitoring System or TPMS is a sensor system that helps you determine when the tires are too underinflated or overinflated. It’s imperative to acknowledge proper tire inflation’s importance and the TPMS light’s operation to help you avoid damaging the tires and vehicles.

What Does The TPMS Light Mean? 

Maintaining tire pressure is essential for a vehicle’s load capacity as well as the operation. Underinflation can lead to reduced traction, causing the tires to wear quickly. 

On the other hand, overinflated tires can lead to reduced friction, premature tire wear, lower economical fuel consumption, and poor road handling.

The TPMS light will alert you about a too-low tire pressure (lower than 25%) to ensure that your tires are in a good shape. So, understanding the TPMS meaning is crucial for your safety. If the TPMS icon is on, there is a problem with the tire, which can lead to uneven tire wear or even blowouts. Thanks to TPMS light, you can keep your tire pressure at the proper levels. It will lead to better control when driving, longer tire lifespan, and increased water dispersion.

The TPMS Light Symbol
The TPMS Light Symbol

What Should You Do When The TPMS Light Is On?

There must be something wrong with your vehicle if the TPMS light is on. However, the way it comes on is not the same in every situation. Here are some cases when your TPMS light is on and the solutions. 

TPMS Light Is On While Driving 

If the TPMS light stays on – be careful. Your tires are at a relatively low-pressure level. It is advisable to use a gauge to check the tires’ pressure and try to find out the reason for the pressure loss. 

If you ignore the TPMS light, you may have some serious problems such as loss of control or a traffic accident. 

You should pump air to the tires, and then you can clear this indicator by pressing a button on the dashboard. On some vehicles, the TPMS system will automatically reset and clear this indicator light when the driver has traveled a few miles.

TPMS Light Goes On And Off 

The change in temperature will make TPMS light improperly operate when tire pressure borders on the warning level. 

This situation usually occurs when the pressure drops at night. The warning will turn off if the pressure increases the next day because of higher temperature or heat coming from driving. 

TPMS Light Flashes And Stays On For 60-90 Seconds 

It is a sign that the TPMS light is out of order. It’s time to take your vehicle to a car/motor service center nearby for an inspection.

A Notification Of TPMS System
A Notification Of TPMS System

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How Can You Fix The TPMS Light?

There are some ways to fix this system. The best approach is to take your vehicle to a service station and ask the mechanic to fill or release the air in the tires. You can also ask them about the recommended inflation level of your tires

Remember not to inflate your tires to the level you see on the tires’ sidewall. That number represents the maximum level of inflation that the tires can withstand. 

One more thing you should know is that a TPMS light may turn on and then disappear if the temperature in your area fluctuates greatly in a day. 

Although the TPMS light is a great tool to help you check the condition of your tires, you shouldn’t forget to check your tires regularly with a gauge. 

In some cases, the sensors cannot accurately deliver tire pressure to the dashboard, especially when some tires experience pressure loss at that rate. 


TPMS light indicates that the pressure is dropping below the recommended level in one or some tires. Understanding what TPMS light means on a vehicle is very necessary for driving safety. 

Since most of us are so busy that we barely have time to pay attention to our vehicle, the TPMS light is a great device that helps us timely check our tire conditions with ease. 

We hope this article has helped you know thoroughly about TPMS light and provides useful advice for you if it flashes on your dashboard.

What Does The TPMS Light Mean? – Tire Pressure Monitoring System Explained

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