How Much Does A Monster Truck Tire Cost? Everything You Should Know

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Last updated: Nov 27, 2022
How Much Does A Monster Truck Tire Cost

Anyone who has ever witnessed a monster jam truck in action must be very surprised by its giant body and the tire size and power. It is inevitable if you fall in love with this truck at first sight and plan to drive it.

For those who plan to purchase the vehicle, you surely want to look for all information related to the vehicle, especially the cost of its critical part like tires. Now let’s get started and find out amazing things about the tire cost and the tire itself.

How Much Does Monster Truck Tire Cost?

The average cost of a monster truck tire is between $1500 and $3,000 for a single tire. As for the more expensive tires, they will be made from more durable materials and they also have a high tread pattern. This is to increase grip. So they are quite large, so it is difficult to manufacture.

Monster Truck tires are known as flotation tires because they were originally designed to suffer extreme pressure and allow agricultural equipment to float slightly over wet, muddy fields rather than sinking into the mud and becoming stuck.

Therefore, these tires can handle most harsh road conditions thanks to high-grade rubber.

Like other tires, the products also have numerous versions based on the size, brand, or monster truck designs, so that that monster truck tire cost would vary depending on different types. For example, larger tires from a famous brand will cost more than smaller ones. 

These tires must have more durability than conventional ones and also high accuracy. They weigh up to more than 4500 kg and are very expensive, even more than standard tires.

These specialized tires are a very important part of monster trucks. Because of the nature of these cars, the tires must be in the best condition to avoid causing damage to the vehicle.

In addition, the depth of mark is required to encourage transmission and effective traction on many surfaces, even mud and sand.

Monster truck competitions like rally racing, which takes place on dirt tracks with steep slopes and quick speeds, may also use these tires. The price of a new steering wheel varies based on size and kind; therefore, it is essential to receive an estimate from a technician before buying them.

Why Monster Truck Tires So Expensive?

Monster Truck Tire

Tires for monster trucks can be one of the most expensive and largest tires as they are made of high-quality rubber that can bear the great strain. The average truck tires price might bring you shocks, but they are giant from the body to the tires, so this high figure ensures safety. 

Besides the high quality, various other variables affect the price of the tires. The most typical explanation for the high price of these tires is their quality. Monster jam truck tires should persist through races that are not only arduous but also lengthy and sustain intense strain without severe problems or performance degradation. 

Another possibility is that the increasing popularity of monster trucks leads to a shortage of supplies. Moreover, high-quality tires will always be harder to find than standard tires because they are not mass-produced.

It is also challenging to find companies that specialize in replacing these specialized tires. That’s because not a few companies are able to produce this type of tire, and orders are always processed one after the other, not in batches.

These durable tires, however, are more expensive than the standard ones. So to see these tires, it’s better to go to the monster fleets that are near your local area.

How Much Does A Used Monster Truck Tire Cost?

Investing in Monster jam truck tires is a big deal for adventurers. You will be surprised by the more than expected performance of these tires if properly maintained. Three years or more is the amount of time they are expected to last, depending on how and how often they are used.

To save money, many people often buy used monster tires. This way, they will pay less and still experience the features that an expensive tire has instead of paying too much for a brand new tire. The price range they expect to pay for a used tire ranges from $500-$800.

Buying a used tire is also one of the top solutions as they are usually very durable and have a long lifespan, possibly several years. Regular touring tires will not have that durability, and the lifespan is also often shorter.


What tires do monster trucks use?

Serving agricultural purposes, monster jam trucks are constructed to use floatation tires from high-quality rubber that help farming equipment lightly float over wet, muddy fields and prevent them from sinking.

Regarding the body dimension, we have 66 inches tall (5.5 feet tall) and 43 inches wide (3.583 feet wide). These huge tires will help encourage suspension, safety, and shock absorbers. So monster truck owners can have amazing experiences for road driving. 

The weight of a single tire without the rim can vary from 800-900lbs; when combined with four, tires account for around one-third of the biggest monster truck’s usual 10,000lb weight of 10,000lbs. A squad may go through eight tires in a single season. 

The tires of the trucks flex significantly as a result of the weight of the trucks on them, despite their size and toughness. This normally only lasts a fraction of a second, but in rare cases, the tires bend to the point where the rear wheels touch the ground’s surface. 

To compensate for this, a monster truck driver can overinflate the tires. Tire blowouts, on the other hand, are more likely as a result of this.

This biggest truck tire’s tread pattern is one of the most noticeable features of the tire design. Unlike monster jam truck tires, agricultural tires have basic tread designs consisting of deep, narrow V-shaped or rotating stripes (depending on the manufacturer) meant to provide traction in mud or loose dirt without being clogged with dirt.

Where to buy monster truck tires?

Custom truck tires are quite difficult to come by. And if you are looking for them, they would be exorbitantly priced. Because these tires are difficult to locate in shops, monster jam truck fans must purchase them online.

There are online marketplaces specialized in the sale of these tires. They have a large range of various brands, allowing you to purchase whatever you need for your vehicle. They also provide a remarkable assortment of monster truck tires.

If you spend some time and effort researching, you can find websites with great offers like competitive prices, free shipping, or fast delivery.

Another way to seek vehicle tires is in local communities where the old tires are on sale. Many monster truck events have old tires in different conditions and price ranges, so it will be a great idea if you wish for a more affordable option. 

However, it might stand a chance that you buy spoiled tires if you do not know well about these kinds of tires. Therefore, you will have to spend time learning about the tires and looking for reputable sellers to ensure the quality. It might also take a lot of time as the old stuff is not always available.

Which brands to buy monster truck tires?

Monster truck tires are designed with big treads to maintain a grip on dirt or sand terrain. These tires are also suitable for monster truck racing on rough terrain or dirt tracks with steep slopes and fast speeds.

High-quality tires from reliable manufacturers will give the vehicles better performance. And to save your time going around looking for the brands, we have included some of the top businesses that manufacture reliable tires.


BKT Monster Truck

BKT monster truck tires have been featured on all trucks since 2014. Most fans were outraged by choice since the thinner surface, lighter weight, and sharper tire cut caused automobiles to blow their tires easily.

Although they haven’t created jamming monster truck tires yet, BKT has been trying to gradually change their tires. They strengthen them and change the tires so they can adapt to challenging conditions. However, myths about tire durability and accident reduction persist despite advances.


firestone tire logo
firestone tire logo

Firestone – another leading manufacturer of tires. They make exceptionally dependable tires using a stronger, more lasting tread composition. They also give exceptional traction on a variety of track surfaces.

Bigfoot, one of the most well-known monster truck companies, uses Firestone tires on all its vehicles. They have even collaborated to create a customized monster jam truck devoted to the Firestone brand.


Ukraine Tires is a well-known brand of monster truck tires. Before BKT, Ukraine used to cover this tired market with its high-quality tires. 

At that time, the majority of monster trucks used this tire. Thanks to sharper corners along with finer cuts, Ukrainian tires are stiffer and more durable.


Marcher is a Chinese tire producer with a product line including the QZ-702A and QZ-702C. Both tires are 66″ and built primarily for farming machinery but also suitable for monster trucks. Marcher also manufactures the W-10A, a purpose-built monster truck tire.


Here comes another pioneer in vehicle tires. The brand was popular in the early days of monster jam trucks and served as a model for many later companies.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, monster truck tires can be one of the most expensive tires with a varied price range in the market.

You can consider different options for the most suitable purchase depending on your demand and budget. Whatever you buy, you should still spend time learning about the tires as their price, even the cheapest, is not a small figure.

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