How Long Does A Spare Tire Last? & Other Common Questions

By David Barlow
Last updated: Nov 27, 2022
How long does a spare tire last

It is essential to prepare good-quality tires as a backup to prevent unexpected events. However, have you ever wondered if your spare tires have an expiry date?

If you are wondering about this question, scroll down! This short blog walks you through the aspects you need to know about for exciting drives without worries.

How Long Does A Spare Tire Last?

The answer is: It can last around seven to ten years. In case of using a spare tire that is under standard quality, it will be extremely dangerous. There are many severe accidents due to tire issues. 

So, it would help if you equipped yourself with the knowledge about spare tires, particularly the lifespan. 

The recommended miles with a spare tire will be the next topic covered in the following content. Also, we share detailed info related to this topic that is useful for you.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

We collected some common issues related to spare tires. So, you can diversify the information, such as monitoring and maintaining a spare tire’s quality.

how Many Miles Do Spare Tires Last

How Many Miles Do Spare Tires Last?

‘It depends’ might not be your favorite answer, yet there will be no specific number until you determine your tire type. You should check whether it is full-size and compact. 

We would like to share some notes so that you have a frame of better references. The common scenario is that your spare tire is a space-saver type (people also call it a donut). 

  • It is ideal for changing a flat tire due to its smaller size than common tires. 
  • The material for this type of tire is thin rubber, so you should not have high expectations of its endurance.  
  • For having little tread, the pressurization of 60 pounds meets its maximum. 
  • So, it can be a solution to reach your destination and replace a new tire. The average distance you can drive on a donut is under 70 miles. 
  • How fast can you drive on a spare tire like this? It would help if you did not transcend the limit of 50 miles per hour.

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What Are The Safety Tips For Driving On Spare Tires?

Driving on spare tires is not a recommendation. It should only be an alternative when your vehicle encounters troubles with regular tires. 

This section will cover some tips that you should apply to protect yourself from undesirable events. 

  • Don’t run too fast on a spare tire! It is essential to maintain your speed at 50 mph. 
  • It would help if you also turned on the hazard lights to inform other drivers of your vehicle’s status. 
  • The ideal circumstance is to use a spare tire within 70 miles. One of the reasons is that the endurance of a spare tire, especially a donut, is lower than regular tires. 
  • You should turn off the cruise control and forecast longer distances for stopping. 
  • Be careful with icy and bumpy roads because it would create higher pressure on your spare tires. 
  • You can use a jack with a hydraulic system to alleviate the process of changing a spare tire. 

The practices above are useful during tire changing and driving. Still, you should pay more attention to the regular check of a spare’s quality to ensure the best preparation. 

Can You Drive On The Highway With A Spare Tire?

The minimum speed on the highway is above 50 mph, which is the recommended speed for driving on spare tires. So, it involves a high risk while you are on the highway. 

The best solution to an emergency on the highway is to call a specialized team to support.  


It would be best if you checked the quality of your tires before using them to avoid an undesired accident.  

Hopefully, you can find more confidence in changing spare tires and keep you safe during the drive through the information in this blog.

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