How Much Do Rims Cost? From Reasonable To Luxurious

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Last updated: Nov 27, 2022
How Much Do Rims Cost

When you decide on new rims, is your budget holding you back? If you are wondering how much you need to spend to get new rims, here we’ve all the detailed information for you.

Our article will show you the rims price, other costs, and relevant matters. We will also discuss the distinctions between new, used, and reconditioned rims so you can have the right purchase.

How Much Do Rims Cost?

There is no proper answer to the question about rims’ cost as the price will vary based on the size and materials used to improve, such as steel, alloy, and chrome. However, the rim price usually ranges around $90


Steel wheels and rims have been popular for many years. Steel is frequently used in automobiles for both trucks and supercars. 

Steel has the considerable benefit of being the cheapest alternative, perfect for everyone’s budget. In fact, due to the size of your wheel, you might consider purchasing a steel rim for $30, which is a very reasonable price.

On the other hand, steel is relatively heavy, which will affect your car’s performance and fuel efficiency. 


Aluminum alloy – a type of light and durable material – is widely used for rims to improve performance and extend product’s life. 

Alloy variants offer superior heat conductivity than steel wheels and can resist severe braking loads. They also usually appear in gold or gray, like chrome, but they are more affordable. 

There are several alloy wheels, so you should learn about some rims before purchasing. The top four options can include: 

Aluminum alloy rims might have an average cost higher than steel ones but typically range from $50 to $100. The exact price will depend on their size and the construction material. 

Yet, one disadvantage of this product is that the alloy rim is readily destroyed after wear and tear. As a result, they are prone to cracks and breakage.


Because of their high cost, chrome rims may be found on premium, luxury automobiles. These models are not built entirely of chrome as it is quite costly. So no wonder constructing a full wheel will cost quite a lot.

Therefore, most manufacturers would build a single chrome coating for a long-lasting yet low-cost finish. And if you wish for 100% chrome rims, you might need to pay up to thousands of dollars.

One thing to keep in mind with chrome accents is that they will not significantly improve your car’s overall performance. The primary distinction between chrome and alloy is that the coating may prevent oxidation. As a result, if you frequently travel on wet roads, this is a worthwhile purchase.

What Factors Affect Rims Cost?

What Factors Affect Rims Cost

Rims, like other automobile components and accessories, have a wide range of price. It is mostly because numerous factors affect their cost, including the wheel type, the size, the make and model of the vehicle, or the use time.

Simply put, the older or more expensive and unique your car is, the more you need to spend to get the right rims. 

For instance, sports or luxury automobile rims can cost you around $10,000. For Lamborghini Aventadors, one set of handcrafted carbon wheels costs more than $22,000. 

Prices on rims will rise when it comes to older vehicles since these rims must be properly purchased and built to match the exact specifications of the automobile.

Custom rims will also increase the payments. Hydro Dipping has been a well-favored technique for rims recently because it brings a design to embrace the  wheel’s curves smoothly. 

Creating a pattern or applying it to the rims may be time-consuming, so tire buyers must pay $75 to $80 for each wheel.


Why Are Rims So Costly?

Even if you do not mean to add a unique coating or hydro dip your rims, you must have been curious as to why they are so pricey. 

Then if you wonder why rims are that expensive, it is because of several reasons. Some of the most common factors include:

Craftsmanship: To produce a decent rim for customized items, you will need to spend on production time and labor charges. In case your automobile has tons of detailed elements that take time to complete, you will have to spend extra money.

Construction: Single- or multi-piece alloy wheels are available. Single-piece rims are created from a single piece of aluminum. Meanwhile, multi-piece rims are made by forging two or three sections together. According to the car manufacturers, this process will add up to the cost of the rims.

Size: The larger your rim is, the more expensive it will be. This may seem apparent, but it is crucial to remember that larger wheels require more material to complete, so it will certainly raise the price.

Retailers: You may get upgraded rims from any source, such as online, from your friends or from the manufacturers (OEM). OEM wheels are more pricey because automakers have carefully tested and conformed them.

How To Measure Rim Size?

When you learn to measure rim size, you can find different ways to take it. We have highlighted the process and explained how to get the job done thoroughly so that you have everything you need for the first time when you get your new rims.

Step 1: Measure the diameter.

The diameter is the first dimension you must take when measuring rims. You must measure from one bead seat region across the tire to the other. The diameter is obtained by cutting across the front of the rim (the section visible when the tire is mounted onto the vehicle).

When collecting diameter measures, use inches.

Step 2. Measuring the width

While measuring the width of the rim, you should also measure from one bead seat area to the other, but across the side of the tire rather than the front.

Keep in mind that you are measuring the real tire bead on the rim’s interior rather than the outer lip. It is the section of the rim where the tire rests. So do not get the bead-to-bead region mixed up with the total width of the wheel.

Step 3. Calculating the bolt pattern and spacing 

The first step is to determine the number of bolt holes. Most models have 4, 5, 6, or 8 holes, while passenger vehicles usually get 5.

The distance between the apertures must next be measured. For 4, 6, and 8-stud designs, measure from one stud’s center to the other opposite center of the stud. Take all measurements in millimeters to ensure accuracy. 

Regarding five bolt holes, measure from the center of one bolt to the end of another bolt on the other side. Once again, use millimeters. 

To mark the figure, you can write them like this: Number of bolt holes x Distance to the opposite side bolt hole.

Step 4. Adjusting for Offset and Backspacing

To calculate offset, start with the actual width of the rim, not merely the bead-to-bead width measurement.

The backspacing of your rim must then be determined. Place your rim on its side, with the inside side facing up. Measure the distance between the hub mounting pad and the uppermost lip. Now you get your rim backspacing.


How Much To Install Rims?

Besides the rim and tire cost, many would wonder about rim installation cost too. Then if you buy your rims and only pay for labor, you will need to pay between $20 and $40 for each rim. Many businesses might discount you when you buy your tires or rims from them, yet expect you to pay a premium if you bring your own.

New vs. Used vs. Reconditioned Rims: How Do They Differ?

If you are on a budget and wonder how much new rims cost, think of used or reconditioned ones. Getting secondhand and reconditioned rims is unquestionably more affordable than investing in new ones. 

Yet, buying used stuff always requires you to learn more about rims to ensure you get the greatest deal. 

Let’s take a plunge into some of the advantages and disadvantages of various rim choices:

New rims: They have never been installed on a vehicle. Despite being the most costly purchase, they would work well because they are completely new. However, new models may not be an option if you are shopping rims for older vehicles.

Used rims: They can be the cheapest pick but are not aesthetically acceptable. Used rims surely make a nice alternative, given that you do not mind some scuffs or dents. However, research in advance to find a reliable seller so that your rims will not have any serious damage.

Reconditioned rims: They are slightly damaged rims that are rebuilt to gain a like-new look. Though many people think these products are unsafe and should not be on the market, it would be alright to purchase from a reputable source. Reconditioned rims are an ideal option if you want wheels that appear fresh but do not cost too much.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our article helps you figure out the price as well as other related matters.

A pair of fascinating or unusual rims can do a lot to make an automobile stand out. Also, there are various price ranges to purchase, from affordable to luxurious. So why don’t you head for a new pair to give your car a new look?

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