How Much Do Tires Weigh? (Truck, Monster Truck, ATV Tire)

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Last updated: Nov 27, 2022
How much do tires weigh

We all know that tires are always heavy to keep our vehicles balanced. The average weight depends on many things, including sizes, quality, material, and more when it comes to the answer. 

You can surf the Internet, especially e-commerce pages like Amazon, to pick one out of thousands of tires of different sizes for different vehicles. But it is much more time-consuming and laborious than you imagine. 

In that case, our article saves you from this chaos within a few minutes to consult. Let’s get started!

How Much Do Tires Weigh?

As mentioned above, there are many factors to decide the average weight of tires. According to different vehicles, its range might be from 10 pounds to more than 900 pounds. 

We cannot give you an accidental number for the real tires’ weight. You had better head over to the next part to consider all things and give the conclusion later. 

Tire TypeWeight
Passenger Car Tires14 – 22 pounds
Truck Tires66 – 170 pounds
pickup truck Tires200 – 300
Monster Truck Tires800 – 900 pounds
ATV tires30 – 40 pounds
Motorcycle tire8 – 30 pounds

Tires Application

Tires application is the first thing to impact on weights of tires. The manufacturers will base on where those tires are used to create a standard tire. 

The tread, the tire casing, and the belt system are common components of this industry. Some unique tires will have extra features to serve special purposes, adding changes to their weights.

For example, the final tire will feature chunkier tread blocks if they need an all-terrain or mud-terrain product. You cannot find these blocks in those all-season tires. Due to these variations, the all-terrain tires must be heavier than the others, whether they bear the same size. 

The weight between a high-quality and an affordable tire is different as well. The reason lies in the number of rubber layers in the premium one more than its opponent.

Types Of Tires

We bet that many people only think of car tires when mentioning vehicle tires. We suppose you might be wrong; they are not the only products in terms of tire production. They can include trucks, motorcycles, tractors, ATVs, and more. And each vehicle comes with a different weight.

Passenger Car Tires

Michelin Premier A/S

You can find various models of passenger cars on the current market, so there are also several different wheel sizes. 

In short, the average weight of passenger car tires may be from 14 to 22 pounds. A smaller wheel is equivalent to a lighter weight and vice versa. 

Here is an example. The tire of a small city car has a size of 13 inches and a weight of 14 pounds. Meanwhile, a sports car has a larger tire of 20 inches; that’s why its tire weighs 22 pounds heavier. 

Truck Tires

Off road performance

If passenger car tires have different weights due to different sizes, then do truck tires. How much does a truck tire weigh? Then you have to know that there are many categorizations of trucks, including both light-duty trucks and commercial trucks.

Let’s talk about light-duty trucks first. This type of car is quite popular in doing such duties as towing or hauling lighter loads.

Light-duty trucks are similar to large SUVs and pickups. Hence, they require some typical 17 to 24-inch tires in order to stand those loads. It can be around 66 to even 170 pounds regarding these tires’ weight based on the trucks’ size. 

When it comes to commercial trucks, you can quickly recognize that it is heavier and bigger than the above one. It has to put much more loads on it to tow or haul. 

As a result, this truck tire must provide the same capability to handle the job, weighing double or triple the average pickup truck – its range falls from nearly 100 up to 300 pounds. In certain circumstances, some types will be lighter or heavier.  

Monster Truck Tires

Out of two typical models of trucks, monster truck tires surprise you with their size and weight. They are considered the tire industry’s heaviest and most sturdy products because of their extreme heavy-duty loading capacity. 

Monster truck tires are designed with large dimensions of 43-inch width and 66-inch height. It means that you will own a tire that is 4 feet wide and 6 feet tall in real life. That’s amazing. A tire can be similar to a standing man. 

Equivalent to their sizes, they measure approximately 800 to 900 pounds of weight.  

Specialty Tires

Last but not least, you should not skip those specialty tires, such as trailer tires, tractor tires, farm equipment tires, RV tires, ATV tires, and more. 

Their weight range is quite multiform, which is from 6 to 250 pounds. Moreover, many people have different tire requirements for their vehicles, so we will mention each tire’s weight for all of you to consult.  

The trailer tire, used for holding loads, normally weighs about 10 pounds or more according to its size. The golf car tires bear the same weight as the trailer one as it only traverses golfers to the golf course.

Meanwhile, the ATV tires are heavier at 30 to 40 pounds due to their responsibility for moving on uneven and rough surfaces. 

ATV tires
ATV tires

What is the motorcycle tire weight? Unlike those 4-wheel vehicles, this transportation only comes with two wheels, with the rear tire heavier than the front one. But on average, its tires weigh from 8 to 30 pounds.

In terms of farm or tractor tires, they are built to get across any even and rough field so that farmers can finish the crops perfectly. It is up to each type of tractor to decide its tires’ weight. Some are light at 30 pounds, whereas others weigh 200 or 300 pounds.

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