The Biggest Tire In The World: What To Know

By David Barlow
Last updated: Nov 5, 2022
the worlds largest tire

Which is the biggest tire in the world? If you still believe huge tires are only for display, you should look at the enormous machines working in the mining fields! 

This article briefly overviews the large top tires, the applications, and top tire manufacturers! Scroll down!

What Is The Biggest Tire In The World?

It is common sense to find ultra-large equipment in the mining field. The goal of adopting such machinery is to cut down on operating costs. Bigger tires are in need, accordingly. 

Titan Tire manufactured its first 63-inch off-the-road tire and wheel assemblies. The measures of the tire were astonishing, such as 14 feet tall, about 12,500 pounds, etc.

Canada’s oil sand mining companies ordered Titan Tire for those giant tires. It was the kickoff for Titan’s worldwide business expansion. 

titan 63 tire
Titan 63-Inch Tire

Titan has served wheels, tires, and assemblies in various fields, such as agriculture, construction, terrain vehicles, etc. The fast growth of this company left many people doubting its sustainability. 

The predecessor in the category of huge tire production is Bridgestone. This brand’s largest tire is 59/80R63 V-Steel E-Lug S tire.  

Specifically, it is 4.4 inches taller than the Bridgestone one. 107 metric tons is the maximum weight that the Titan tire can handle. The biggest Bridgestone tire, meanwhile, only loaded 101 metric tons. 

Yet, the world’s largest tire is the 80-feet tall Uniroyal tire, five times bigger than the Titan tire. It was a one-off product for the New York World’s Fair in 1964. You might be surprised to know that the Uniroyal tire was the centerpiece of a Ferris wheel.

the worlds largest tire
Uniroyal Giant Tire

What Vehicle Has The World’s Largest Tire?

As mentioned earlier, the biggest tire ever made was a remarkable product of the Uniroyal company for a Ferris wheel. Yet, there are still other vehicles having such gigantic tires!

The BKT Monster Truck Tire has the durability of having people’s jaws drop. A 4-feet wide tire can handle high-flying acrobatics and punishment by a fleet of 10,000-pound trucks each night.

BKT Monster Truck
BKT Monster Truck

The Bigfoot 5 is now the heaviest, tallest, and a widest pickup truck in the world. So, the Firestone Alaska Tundra Tires it uses must fit these records!

Bigfoot 5
Bigfoot 5

The 63-inch Titan tire cannot be absent as the world’s biggest tire. It is a popular tire brand of mining companies for their enormous industrial machinery.

63 inch Titan tire
63-inch Titan tire

The LeTourneau L2350 Loader holds the record of being the largest loader in the world. Particularly, the tires it uses are of Firestone with a 13-foot diameter and 8-ton weight.

LeTourneau L2350
LeTourneau L2350 Loader


The design of daily-use vehicles is for the customers’ convenience in traveling and parking. A large size, therefore, might be a disadvantage! 

Yet, mining fields need enormous machinery to handle tons of heavy stuff without the demands of much equipment. It can also reduce the costs of operation. As a result, the production of huge tires has been developing. We hope this short article shares a brief but spectacular view of the biggest tire in the world.

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