How To Slash Tires Properly? Best Knife To Slash & Tips

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Last updated: Nov 27, 2022
How To Slash Tires

The slashing problem can be one of the main contributors to a failed tire, which might lead to severe accidents for the drivers. In order to block actions like automobiles driving dangerously and at high speeds in and around demonstrators and law police, the police officers sometimes deflate the tires. However, it is generally an act of vandalism.

we would like to show you how to slash tires and the relevant matters about slashing. Now let’s get started!

What Is Tire Slashing?


Tire slashing means making a deep cut, slit, or laceration to deflate the tires. The cut is most commonly done on the tire’s sidewall by someone planning an act of swift revenge. 

You can be the victim of road rage, a coworker with a secret grudge, or violent protests. 

If the tire is not depressurized, slashing can cause a lot of disappointing noise. Depending on the slashing tool involved, the cut will flatten the tire in a matter of seconds or hours.

If you are going to slash a standard tire, make sure your face is not against the tire because the air will surge out at a very high speed and pressure, which might cause severe injuries to your eyes and your face.

What Are The Precautions When Slashing Tires?

Depending on different situations, slashing a tire can be considered a life-saving or illegal crime. Yet, whatever the case is, there are still certain notes you need to keep in mind if you decide on a tire slashing.

The first thing to remember is that tires are sturdy and durable as they include special long-lasting materials like natural and synthetic rubber, nylon, steel, silica, carbon black, polyester, and petroleum. 

For this reason, they can last for a long time, commonly around ten years for normal use. It also means that slashing these tires will require a lot of force, especially if you want a swift cut. A sharp tool can be quite useful, but how you strike the tire will be the most important.

In addition, the noise produced by slashing tires can be quite loud, if not to say disappointing. The built-up pressure in inflated tires can bloom out and cause an annoying sound. Also, the smaller the cut, the louder the noise is because of the pressure equalization mechanism. So, in this case, a deep and large slash would work. 

The one that matters the most is your safety. Your face, eyes, and ears might be seriously injured by the highly pressured air that emerges from the incision, not to mention any possible harm from flying debris.

You would not want to find yourself in an emergency room after trying to cut a tire. So consider carefully before deciding on a slashing. If you pretend to cut the tires, avoid standing against the tires and stay at a safe distance to protect yourself.

How To Slash A Tire?

How To Slash A Tire?

It is not very difficult to find out how to slash tires properly. While standing back with the tire between your knees, you need to aim for the sidewall, make a quick slice, and then drive the blade deeper as you draw it to the side. 

The sidewall is considered the weakest area of the tires and is next to the rims, so you can easily find it. Additionally, you have a clear and open vantage point rather than aiming for the tread.

Now place the tire between your legs while you face away. Always keep a safe distance from the tire because the high pressure from the cut region might hurt your face and eyes.

Finally, take a swift slash. The slashing should be performed in a swift and powerful action. You should also pull the blade to one side while pushing it further.

Best Tools To Slash Tires?

Tools To Slash Tires

To slash tires effectively, the most important thing is to act quickly and covertly to do the most destruction while avoiding drawing attention to yourself. So the best way to slash tires is to use an effective tool. 

In this case, a sharp pocket knife and a standard kitchen knife can be useful tools. Moreover, you can also consider pointed instruments like a screwdriver, awl, pricker, and bodkin. Though they are made to pierce through, they can still work well for a standard tire. 

Pocket knife

A pocket knife can be the best knife to slash tires. It is the least noticeable and most portable since most designs may be safely folded. The sharp knife with a serrated blade is ideal for cutting through tougher materials since it requires a strong bite.

Kitchen knife

All families have kitchen knives so that you can find these tools easily. However, because you always use it for daily cutting tasks, ensure the knife is sufficiently sharp to slash through the sidewall easily. It should also be large and sturdy enough to avoid bending while you are slicing.

The only disadvantage of employing this weapon is that choosing a bigger knife could raise greater suspicion in the eyes of observers.

Awl, Bodkin, Screwdriver, and Pricker

Apart from the bodkin, the other items are not often thought of as cutting tools or sharp objects, but they can still be useful to do enough damage by poking through the sidewalls. It causes damage gradually but results in the same risk for you as the cut is quite small, creating a lot of pressure.

How to Slash Tire


Is it legal to slash someone’s tires?

Unfortunately, it is illegal to slash someone’s tires, even in case of being chased. That you feel you are being followed does not mean you are allowed to slash your tracker’s tires. Not to mention the case you might mistake, it is considered illegal.

A felony is committed if the damages are over $1,000, and a misdemeanor is charged for less than $1,000 damages. Tire changes can also be charged as criminal mischief because they commonly cost a few hundred dollars.

If the police officers catch you slashing someone’s tires, you might even be charged to jail. 

How to avoid slashed tires?

There are numerous ways to avoid slashed tires. The first thing you can do is to be a responsible driver to prevent protests. Most road rage incidents resulting in car vandalism are caused by disappointing actions and reactions when a driver becomes enraged while traveling with another driver. 

You can also make use of the CCTVs around. The very existence of these cameras sends a message to would-be criminals that police officers can recognize them if they commit such a crime. If you must park in a public area, try to position your car as close as possible to the nearest CCTV camera with a clear view.

Moreover, park your car in public, secured areas to warn criminals. If you park in well-guarded areas equipped with enough CCTV, as described above, potential vandals will tend to stay away. Additionally, it would be best to park around the entrance or exit as more people are moving about in these places.

How to repair slashed tires?

If you unluckily get flattened tires, do not worry and follow the guidance below. 

Firstly, check the slash to see how serious it is. If there are only some small slashes under a quarter-inch in length, you can completely repair them using the sealant. There are numerous slashes, or the slash is over 2/32 inches; you had better replace it.

To fix the tires on vehicles, you need to raise your automobile off the ground to remove the damaged tire. Then, read through the sealant instructions and apply the recommended amount to your tires. Stick to the appropriate amount to ensure sealant efficiency. 

Check if your tires are inflated to the proper pressure or not. Also, ensure the repaired one has balanced air with the other tires to prevent any hidden threat from tire failures. 

How to make use of slashed tires?

Flat tires can still be used for more beneficial purposes if you do not feel like putting more effort into taking them to a recycling center before you dispose of them. 

If you have a farm, these worn-out tires may be used for easy do-it-yourself projects like dog beds, garden chairs, interior ottomans, and feeder pots.


Overall, it is quite easy to answer the question. Yet you might find it a bit more challenging when it comes to practicing as slashing tires is such a dangerous and physically-requiring task.

Slashing tires is surely illegal, so consider carefully before deciding. Our article here aims to help you with the slashed tires problem, so please do not use this information to commit such a crime. You might stand a chance of hurting yourself too

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