Plastic Bottle On Car Tire – New Authentic Tip Or Just A Trick?

By David Barlow
Last updated: Nov 24, 2022
Plastic Bottle On Car Tire

There have been pictures of a plastic bottle on car tire spread out on the Internet. What do you see and think when you catch sight of these pictures? 

Is it a trick for something? Should you do that? Don’t worry. All your queries will be unveiled here.

What Does Plastic Bottle On Car Tire Mean?

You might have come across many advertisements online with quotes saying something like place bottle on tire if traveling alone. Why put a bottle on your tire? Clearly, it is trying to tell you that the bottles will protect you from certain harms.

According to some research about the first edition that has gone online, the advertiser came from Russia. If you click on the ad, a slideshow of 50 pages will pop up. The headline is somehow quite convincing, saying that the tip will help maintain your vehicle.

Nevertheless, once you have scrolled through its 50 pages, you will recognize that this might be a scam. No page on the slideshow comes with an explanation of how that can help you or the science behind the trick.

Reading this line, you must have recognized that there is no such thing as a water bottle on tire for maintenance or safety purposes. The real meaning of this term is the technique thieves use to steal from you at parking lots. We will give explanations of how this technique works in the following section.

But before that, you must know that you should never place a bottle on your tires while parking. It will only harm you. 

The 50 pages on the slideshow above are just a form of clickbait advertisement. The advertiser will make a profit every time you view one page on the slideshow. Why? Because there will be ads on those pages, and that’s where the money comes from.

Potential Harms From Those Bottles On Car Tires

Potential Harms From Those Bottles On Car Tires

There have been cases based on this strategy before you get to see Youtube channels warning you about the method. The first practice ever was in Limpopo, South Africa, near Zimbabwe.

Later on, some Mexican channels put on videos about how this is a trick from thieves trying to steal your stuff or your automobiles. And they do all of that with just a single plastic container. Unfortunately, the videos didn’t have the effect they intended. But instead, they became a manual for criminals to add to their method lists.

We will scratch the method out for you here:

  • Thieves will start by targeting one car in a parking lot.
  • After deciding which one to take, they will come and put one plastic container on the tire. It will sit on the vehicle’s passenger side and between the wheel and the tire.
  • Then, they will stick around until you come back to your vehicle.
  • Once you get in and start the vehicle, the container will bear pressure and make a weird sound.
  • Hearing that, you will definitely decide to go out and see if there’s anything wrong with your baby.
  • Oftentimes, you will just simply turn off the engine and go out.
  • Taking the opportunity, thieves will take anything inside your car and leave or steal the car right at that moment.

You can rest assured that this won’t happen that regularly as to some nonsense points. This method relies heavily on some assumptions. 

First, the driver, which is you, will definitely come out to look at the source of the noise. Secondly, the thieves are so patient that they decide to wait, not knowing when the driver will return to the car and leave. The trick fails if the driver just ignores or doesn’t hear the sound. And if they’re about to stay at the place for hours or days, the trick will again go down the drain.

But what if you’re going to be the next rare victim? That’s why being cautious and careful is never a waste. Following our tips below to best secure yourself in those situations.

What Should You Do With Plastic Bottle On Car Tire?

Despite all the things discussed above, you should never underestimate this situation. If you ever see the scenario happening to you, focus on it, and be aware.

Why should you jam a coke bottle in your tire? That must be an action of someone else. More often than not, they won’t just do it for fun. There should be some message behind it, so be 100% alerted.

If you hear a clicking sound and want to check, take the car keys with you. Close and lock the door before checking would ensure no one will take control of the vehicle when you’re outside.

For better safety assurance, take some seconds to examine your four-wheeled friend every time you want to leave. Walk around and see if anything’s wrong first before leaving.


The plastic bottle on car tire might be a myth, but you should carefully consider it. There’s nothing to ensure that you won’t be the next victim. You will never know! 

Moreover, videos on the Internet are now trying to alarm you about this, and they have accidentally become the manual for thieves! So, prevention is always better than cure!

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