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General G-Max AS-05 Overview

General Tire is an American producer of motorized tires. In 1915, it was established by William Francis O’Neil, C.J. Jahant, Robert Iredell, Winfred E. Fouse, and H.B. Pushee in Akron, Ohio. 

At first, people called it The General Tire & Rubber Company and changed into General Tire and Rubber Co., or General Tire in the 1960s. The company used funding from Michael G, who was the department store owner of Akron’s O’Neil’s. 

This store later developed into many conglomerates such as General Tire, DiversiTech General, Aerojet, RKO General. 

In 1987, Germany’s Continental bought General Tire and changed with the name Continental Tire North America. Not long after that, Continental Tire North America and its original company re-cooperated again with the first name, General Tire

For many driving lovers, General Tire might not be their favorite tire trade name. However, their founders saw the potentials which deliver exceptional fulfillment at a competing value. Therefore, Continental fixed the General corporate models in 2007.

General G Max AS 05

General co-operated with a famous name, Grabber light truck tire, and commenced manufacturing footprints in off-road vehicle tracks. One of the best all-season tires of this brand is G-Max AS-05, published in May 2017. If you tend to equip your beloved car with the tires bringing high performance, let’s refer to General G-Max AS-05 reviews below. 

Treadwear performance

General G-Max AS-05 possesses the tread design with high-silica content and significant, steady tread sections on the outboard and inboard joints for leading high-speed confidence. Thanks to the four circumferential scratches, it can support the angled trenches to direct the water away from the tire. 

Wet performance

There is no doubt about G-Max AS-05’s wet performance. With asymmetrical tread design and fighting hydroplaning capacity, it performs well even in the raining condition.  

Dry performance

This kind of tire brand is also a formidable opponent of many other brands when comparing their dry performances. Thanks to the excellent traction with a unique tread design, this all-season tire brings you a fabulous driving experience in dry weather. 

Snow performance

Some drivers may have a high expectation in the snow performance of this tire. However, the sad news is that it does not satisfy your wish. If you look for a car for snow or winter, it is not the perfect one.


This tire’s braking is ranked one of the most top-notch ones, nearly having the same level of premium tires. It is responsive in every single corner due to the crisp steering.

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General G-Max AS-05 Reviews: Pros & Cons

  • Excellent dry and wet traction
  • Satisfactory ride for UHP tire
  • Exceptional cornering grip and durability
  • Better tread life than other tires
  • Reducing noise at highway speeds
  • Not extraordinarily beneficial in light snow
  • Not better than the high-end tire brands

General G-Max AS-05 Test Drive

After reading some G-Maz AS-05 reviews and driving cars with these kinds of tires, we decide to replace our old tires with the new AS-05 ones. From our experience, we would like to give an honest review of this brand. 

AS-05 brings users many considerable benefits and an excellent driving experience with outstanding performance in tread life, wet and dry condition, and braking. This type of General is the upgrade of the previous product, G-Max AS-03, and provides you ultra-high performance.

However, it also has some drawbacks. It is evident in snow pavement performance. It seems not to connect your car to the road in wet weather and makes it difficult to move quickly.

When compared to the comfort level of grand-touring tires, AS-05 is not the opponent. However, it still brings users an incredible driving feeling of comfort when driving. In other words, AS-05 does not perform well in light snow conditions.

After referring to the General G-Max AS-05 reviews, we would say that you will replace your old tires with the AS-05 ones for sure as it provides you a superior driving experience with the outstanding features listed above. 

AS-05 will be the trendy and popular tires for driving enthusiasts in 2021. It also should be on your all-season tire list and worth trying.

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Treadlife Warranty:6 Years / 50,000 Miles (1) Half mileage for rear if different size than front
Uniformity Warranty:First 1/32″ of wear
Workmanship & Materials Warranty:6 Years / Free replacement first year or 2/32″ of wear, then prorated until 2/32″ remaining depth (1)
Manufacturer’s Road Hazard Warranty:None
Manufacturer Special Warranty:45-Day or 1st 2/32″ Customer Satisfaction Trial(2)
Additional Information:(1) Repair voids warranty (2) Whichever comes 1st,purchase 4 exchange for another set of General.
G-Max As 05 Warranty summary for replacement tires purchased on or after 01/01/18 at Tire Rack


G-Max As 05 prices range from approximately around $94.99 – $242.99Tirebuyer

  • Goodyear Eagle Sport All Season
  • Michelin Pilot Sport AS 3
  • Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4
  • Vredestein Quatrac Pro
  • Nokian WR G3
  • Falken Azenis PT722

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