What To Do If You Have A Tire Blowout? – Must-Know Tips For Drivers

By David Barlow
Last updated: Nov 27, 2022
tire blowout

Having your tire blown out is the most anxiety-inducing and dangerous accident that could occur for most daily commuters. However, few people know exactly what to do if you have a tire blowout. Car tire blowout is a gigantic safety concern despite the latest advances in safety standards. If you have a tire blowout, you might struggle to control your vehicle since it can suddenly become unmanageable within a second.

What To Do If You Have A Tire Blowout?

Knowing what to do when your tire blows out is for the safety of yourself and other drivers. One of the most important things to remember is staying calm and carrying out the following procedures to maintain control over your vehicle.

Timely Identify A Tire Blowout

There are three specific sounds that you can expect to be hearing. Which one, in particular, may depend a lot on your current situation. 

There may be a really loud bang or boom of the popped tires. Also, you can encounter the whooshing sound of the tire deflating from all the air escaping. Or, you may hear of repeating flaps or flops stemming from all the hitting of the airless tire onto the road.

Upon your vehicle’s tires exploding, the first thing you can feel while driving is the gradual loss in velocity. Your car or truck slows down significantly. 

Then comes a strong pull to either side. The pull force will mostly bear onto the steering if the tire that burst was in the front. 

Meanwhile, you should expect it in the body of your vehicle or your seats when it is the rear tire that exploded. Regardless, the appropriate course of action in response will be the same.

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Drive Through A Blowout

If a tire blows out, the proper thing to do is follow the best practice that Safety experts and committees like the National Safety Council remarked below.

  • Firmly hold onto the steering wheel
  • Don’t slam on your brakes
  • Let the vehicle gradually lose its speed
  • Pull to the side of the road
  • Turn on the emergency flashers
Tips for Handling a Tire Blowout

What To Do After A Tire Blowout?

If a tire blows, you should ensure that you stay safe off the road and exit the car to protect yourself from unexpected accidents. If you do not know how to change the tire or it is not safe to do so, roadside assistance proves to be helpful.

Changing the flat tire yourself includes looking for the needed tools and the spare tire, check the vehicle manual to know where they are. In the manual, there should be instructions teaching you the process of changing flat tires.

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How To Prevent A Blowout?

Paying extra attention to your tires and due diligence can help prevent this incident from ever happening. You can avoid traveling on hot days, in scorching weather, especially in between May and October. 

Regular inspection for wear and tear or slow leaks is a good habit to have. Last but not least, only carrying the recommended load to avoid stressing your tires, especially when they are under-inflated, can prevent most blowout accidents.

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We hope that this article could help you get the hang of what to do if you have a tire blowout. Stay safe on the road!

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