Can I Replace Just One Tire? – Yes But Stop Doing!

By David Barlow
Last updated: Nov 27, 2022
Can I just replace one tire

Getting a hole in your tire while traveling down the road is probably the worst experience for every new driver. Replacing one tire is enough to solve the issue; however, it is not always the truth.

In most cases, the best solution is to replace all 4 tires at once. The final solution is dependent on the situation; for example, after a few years of use, your tires have worn out and need replacement without a doubt.

Let’s dive in to find out whether you should replace one tire or two tires for your car.

Can I Replace Just One Tire?

The main reason for your tire to get into trouble regularly is the depth of the tire’s tread. This part on the tire’s surface can increase grip and enhance traction strength on your tire, improving stability and handling while driving.

If you replace just one tire, this tire’s tread would be distinct from the other three, which causes unbalance in the wheels. Despite choosing the same tire brand and type, the differences between new tires and old ones are significant.

The divergent wearing level of the tires can affect your driving performance negatively. It can destabilize the balance of your car, endangering your motor system as the car bumps while traveling down the road.

The police will fine you in some places if your car does not meet the standard safety requirements, including synchronized tire qualities. Car manufacturers also have specialized recommendations for your vehicle against replacing less than four tires at once.

As the above considerations mentioned, we advise that you should not replace just one tire at a time. It is risky and violates some safety regulations by the manufacturers and government.

What To Think Of When Replacing Less Than Four Tires?

If you are having trouble replacing all tires at once, or your financial status does not allow you to do the thorough replacement at once, you should consider the following features.

Type Of Tire

When choosing a tire to replace your old one, the top priority is your tire type. You need to choose the same type as the three remaining ones. Doing this will minimize the differences between the tires and enhance stability while driving.

Being the same brand is not enough to ensure 100% safety for driving. The best option should be the same model and size as your worn-down one. If it is not available, then you should pick the one with the most similar statistics.

Tread Lines

Tread lines make sure that your vehicle stays firmly on the road while assisting you maneuver at the same time. The number of tread lines on the tire’s surface can tell you how old your tires are. If the tires are new, replacing one or two tires only does not affect much.

If the tires have been used for up to four to six years, you should replace all of them at once. Replacing a new tire while leaving old tires at their place is not ideal for ensuring safety. You should only replace one to two tires if the others are still new.

Replace All 4 Or Just One?

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Final Verdict

Depending on your tire’s age, you should make careful decisions of whether you should keep your other old tires or not. Don’t hesitate to invest some money in new tires to ensure your safety.

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