What To Do With A Flat Tire At Night: Best Solutions

By David Barlow
Last updated: Nov 27, 2022
What To Do With A Flat Tire At Night

Flat tires are a fairly common problem in traffic. Some latest models now come with a tire pressure monitoring system for this problem. Otherwise, unexpected situations may confuse you. 

Instead of daytime handling, which seems easy to find at a repair shop a few miles away, this article focuses on an urgent case

What To Do With A Flat Tire At Night? 

Be Patience And Park Your Car

Run-flat tires are sure to pose risks when your car suddenly becomes out of control. However, try your best to regulate your emotions and stay calm.

Then gradually move your car close to a safe location. Now you have time to determine the cause and try some of the following steps.

In case you are traveling on a highway where traffic is fast, pay attention to some emergency signals as follows:

  • Flashing traffic lights continuously attracts the attention of other vehicles and asks for reaching to the innermost side of the road.
  • Install obstacle signs (if any) or write an S.O.S. message on the trunk after parking your car.

Replace The Flat Tire Yourself

If your trunk has a tire repair kit and spare tires, nothing can stop you from becoming a DIY mechanic. Remove the flat tire and install a new one – things are upbeat. Even if you have no experience in this task, the Internet serves everything you need.

Call For Help

For the unfortunate, your phone, or to put it simply, the calls save you at night. Here are some directions for your reference:

Your friends:

It is a reliable request as a true friend always comes to you. However, do not let your emotions overwhelm your consideration. Rely on someone with experience in auto repair to save time on mechanical issues.

Roadside assistance:

This 24-hour roadside service is a lifesaver for nighttime accidents. They provide you with a full range of the essentials: quick arrivals, replacement tires, professional maintenance specialists, or even a tow truck (for major damages).

On the downside, you must pay a considerable amount for this support. If you have insurance, nothing could be better. It is the upcoming party that will receive your call.

Insurance agent:

You can get assistance from the auto shop through the insurance company. Some businesses build symbiotic relationships to gain benefits from customers. It is the optimal solution to saving your budget

How To Prevent A Flat Tire At Night

How To Prevent A Flat Tire At Night

Run-flat tires at night are unfortunate incidents that drivers sometimes encounter. Besides some unpredictable factors, here are some precautions to reduce the possibility of its occurrence:

  • Have your wheels checked often, especially before long rides?
  • Minimizes tire stress such as overloading.
  • Move at a moderate speed when it comes to uneven roads. Get away from potholes if possible to avoid hitting rocks or other sharp objects.

Additionally, you should perform routine maintenance to detect signs of abnormality or aging quickly.

  • Comes with matching wheels to keep tires properly inflated. In other words, keep the air leak to a minimum.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for inflating, do not try to exceed rated air pressure.
  • If you do not often drive, turn the wheel in place, so the rubber compounds expand naturally.


How Long Can You Drive With A Flat Tire?

Factors that determine the expected distance include speed, terrain, weather conditions, vehicle load, driving style, etc. On average, a flat tire handles 50 miles at no more than 50 mph.

For fix-a-flat ones, mileage never exceeds 100 miles. Keep in mind that it is not a permanent solution as the tire is not properly inflated.

Can You Leave A Flat Tire Overnight?

The answer is a big YES, but do not let it last too long. The rim should accompany tires to bear the weight of your car. If a flat tire is unavoidable, it is best to use a jack and raise the vehicle’s edge. Then, patch the tire as quickly as possible to get rid of permanent damage and expensive replacement.


Hope that you find useful ways to handle this unfortunate accident as it sometimes gets in the way of your travel. Equipping a spare wheel to repair it yourself is advisable instead of waiting. Finally, remember to check your tires for a safe and worry-free ride.

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