Detail General G-MAX AS-03 Reviews That You Should Note

By David Barlow
Latst Updated: April 1, 2021

Getting the best tire is essential for you to have a great driving experience. With that, the concern now is among many options out there. Which one is suitable for you? To help you find out the answer, General G-MAX AS-03 is one of the most superior tires in the market right now. Shall we start?

To begin our General G-MAX AS-03 reviews, let’s take a quick look at this brand. 

General G MAX AS 03 Reviews

General Tire is not the first name that comes into the mind of driving enthusiasts. But this brand owner, now Continental, has made this tire come into the millennium. Specifically, Continental found that General Tire was well known for offering excellent performance tires at a relatively low price. 

At present, with G-MAX AS-03, they have targeted again at one of the most challenging and essential sectors of all-weather street tires. 

Even though this brand offers an exellent tire,  they still focus on how to reduce the tire noise in moving. 

And here are some most essential features of this tire:

Great Design

This latest G tire version has its tread refined in V-shaped to help the driver grip effectively in the wet or snowing surface. The grooves in diagonal at the two centers and on the sides are designed into channels of different sizes, large or narrow, aiming to accommodate various water volumes. The intersections also go with voids at short backflow so that it reduces flow turbulence. 


For G3, General also comes with some unique features for maintenance. Other than the normal tread wear for blocks indicating, the tread’s center has the model of a “replacement tire monitor.” It means when your tire needs to be replaced, you can easily notice after some time of running.

Detail General G-MAX AS-03 Reviews: Pros & Cons 

  • Impressive in handling higher speed and grip
  • Good all-season tires in the running on snowy and wet roads
  • Good-quality treadwear
  • Comfortable to ride with
  • A little noisy during its running

General G-MAX AS-03 Reviews: Test Drive

With our passion for tires, we are delighted to take a test driving to see how this tire performs on different roads. For dry surfaces, AS 03 shows its stand out aggressive prospective on the traction of the breakaway. On intensive races, it has an appropriate performance except for some slips.

On wet roads, AS 03 takes the lead on the tire’s benchmarks at the same price. It shows an outstanding grip, quick and agile grip recovery at large puddles.

At snow surface, this product has tiny blocks to make the sipes flex snow in the back and fore direction. Its performance on snow is also reassured by the main grooves locking snow. 

There is only one minus point about AS 03 is that it is pretty noisy during running. It really makes your great driving experience worsen a little bit. 

Through many different General G-MAX AS-03 tire reviews, this tire is ideal for small trucks, standard cars, and race cars such as BMW 535i, Corvette, and Chevrolet Camaro. 

That is all about General G-MAX AS-03 Reviews. You might now have your own decision on which tire is the most acceptable for your needs. Hope you can choose a high-quality tire to enjoy the best driving experience. Cheer!

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