Michelin Latitude Tour Tire Reviews – What To Know About This Tire?

By David Barlow
Last Updated: April 1, 2021

Brief Introduction Of Michelin Latitude Tour Review :

Michelin is an international tire-manufacturing company based in France. With more than 100 years of operation, Michelin has released numerous tire models with excellent quality. For this reason, Michelin is now the most reputable and successful tire brand in the world, even far more than Bridgestone, Continental, or Goodyear. This Michelin Latitude Tour tire review will explore some aspects of this Michelin product.

Michelin Latitude Tour Review

Michelin considers this Latitude Tour is an all-season tire for numerous vehicles like SUV, crossovers, and pickups. The brand applies its spectacular and exclusive technologies to reduce the rolling resistance and boost the tread life.

To manufacture this tire, Michelin engineers utilize the compound called silica-based along with the MaxTouch Construction. This combination assures that the tire will have more contact with the surface while minimizing the rolling resistance. Hence, this wonderful tread formation will facilitate the driver’s handling and stabilize the driving experience on wet or dry roads.

Michelin shows their care for nature by creating the Green X technology and imposing it on almost every Michelin tire; Latitude Tour is no exception. The Green X will increase the fuel efficiency of vehicles and the producing stage of the company. 

The company also designs the tire with continuous center rib and rounded shoulder blocks to help drivers perform safe and convenient cornering and steering.

Quick Michelin Latitude Tour Review: Pros & Cons

  • Excellent traction and grip on any surface
  • Spectacular quietness on highway speeds
  • Responsive and reliable steering and cornering
  • Amazing braking and gripping on wet roads
  • Fuel-efficiency
  • Long-lasting tire tread
  • Not a friendly product for economical use
  • The warranty policy doesn’t match the price.

Quick Michelin Latitude Tour Review: Tire Drive Test

After using this Michelin Latitude Tour with our SUV and crossover, we came up with some opinions.

Foremost, we were impressed by how quiet this tire model was when our cars run on highways. The Michelin Comfort Control Technology does a good job as it reduces almost every cabin vibrations and road noise.

Furthermore, we notice that this tire could stop 5% faster on wet roads than its previous version.

The MaxTouch Construction from Michelin is a combination between the silica-based tread and the symmetric tread pattern. After a period of tough use, this tire construction hasn’t disappointed us. The durability and stability of the tire are far better than other competitors products.

Moreover, this Michelin tire features exceptional circumferential grooves that improve the Latitude Tour’s water-resistance ability. As a result, there will be an appropriate number of biting edges for traction against snow surfaces. We always feel safe when driving under the freezing weather with a pack of Michelin Latitude Tour tires.

Bottom Lines

With this brief Michelin Latitude Tour tire review, we have given you the most fundamental information about the advances and backward of this product. Despite the high price, this Latitude Tour will guarantee you with long tread life, excellent grip and braking, wonderful traction, impressive quietness, and simple steering and cornering. 

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