Michelin Premier A/S Tire Reviews – Is It Worth Your Money?

By David Barlow
Last Updated: August 7, 2021
Michelin Premier AS review

Michelin Premier A/S tires, will they be worth your investment or not? Let our Michelin Premier A/S tire review put these products under scrutiny and reveal the truth for you!

Introduction To Michelin And Its Premier A/S 

Anyone who has a thing for cars and tires must have once heard the name Michelin from their experienced seniors. Michelin came into being in 1889, and its headquarter is located at Clermont-Ferrand in France. 

Since its establishment, the company has taken over the French manufacture of car tires and rubber products. Nowadays, Michelin products have made their name worldwide with the latest application of the tire manufacturing technology.

The Premier A/S is their newest model that recently replaced the older Primacy MXV4 generation. It is the perfect combination of versatility, durability, high-tech features, and driver’s safety.

To be more specific, if the Primacy’s applicability only limits to certain car types, the Premier A/S is available for all types of vehicles, ranging from minivans, crossovers to coupes, sedans. 

This diversity is made possible thanks to the one-of-the-kind tread technology that the company applies to the model. Also, with a wide range of tire sizes, they can operate effortlessly with any tire shape and car type.

Regarding the functionality, the brand claims this Premier A/S model can offer all-season, optimum performance. The main feature contributing to the top-notched quality is the application of EverGrip technology and ultra-reactive tread pattern.

Thanks to that, Premier A/S tires can constantly modify the steering direction to get used to even the roughest road terrain. Therefore, the movement of the vehicles will remain stable and firm no matter how wet, snowy or dry the road is. 

What’s more, the tire construction features new compounds to deliver an optimum level of drainage on muddy, slippery,  surfaces.

Some key compounds are sunflower oil, silica, and functional elastomers. They are the game-changer when it comes to grip and braking, helping the cars retain the wet, snow traction when the weather gets rainy or snowy. 

Last but not least, with the excellent combination of nylon and hybrid aramid belt, the Premier A/S tires are built to last. The versatile belt works as a contact patch for the wheels, providing the rubber more contact with the road surface for elevated durability. 

Michelin Premier A/S Review: Pros And Cons

  • Suitable for multiple vehicles
  • Offers all-season performances
  • High level of drainage for muddy surfaces
  • Quickly adapts to the road
  • Durable tires
  • On the high-end side

Tire Drive Test

Being hardcore car enthusiasts, we have put these Premier A/S tires into the test as soon as we heard about their spreading reputation. After trying the tires out for ourselves, we get the gist why they have won the hearts of so many drivers.

When testing the tires on a relatively slippery and muddy surface, we were highly impressed with what the EverGrip technology and the Formula-E tread pattern contributed to the tires’ wet traction. We neither experienced any speed deceleration nor steering problem. 

We also love the significant reduction in road noise when driving the car at high speed. The well-constructed rubber tires deliver optimum comfort for rough terrain, which is a huge game-changer for someone who loves long-hour road trips.

Overall, we highly recommend the Premier A/S tires for anyone struggling to drive on rough, slippery, or muddy surfaces. This product line offers wonderful transmission of steering guides to lead you on the road safely. 

Be it as it may, the Premier A/S is on the high-end side, which can be a put-off to some budget-conscious customers. However, the usage and safety you get out of these tires will unarguably be worth every penny of yours. So why don’t you give it a try?These are some of our personal thoughts to recap our Michelin Premier A/S tire reviews. All things considered, take care, and we hope to see you in our next post!

Treadlife Warranty:6 Years / 60,000 Miles Half mileage for rear if different size than front
Uniformity Warranty:1 Year / first 2/32″ of wear
Workmanship & Materials Warranty:6 Years / Free replacement first year, 2/32″ or 25% of wear, then prorated until 2/32″ remaining depth
Manufacturer’s Road Hazard Warranty:None
Manufacturer Special Warranty:60-day satisfaction (1), 3-yr flat changing
Additional Information:(1) Exchange for Michelin, BFGoodrich, or Uniroyal
Premier A/S warranty summary for replacement tires purchased on or after 06/01/19 at Tire Rack


Premier A/S prices range approximately from $121.50 – $250.42Tirebuyer

  • Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen 3
  • BFGoodrich g Grip All Season 2
  • Bridgestone Weather Control A005 EVO
  • Continental AllSeasonContact
  • Nokian WeatherProof

Premier A/S Ratings By Consumer

Premier AS Ratings By Consumer

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    The jury is still out on treadwear and deep snow/ice traction, given the limited exposure these tires received. These tires have met our expectations and brought our Honda Fit’s quality ride to a higher level than it was when we bought them. Based on how the tires perform in light snow conditions, I think we will be happy with their snow and ice grip ability. Michelin describes these tires as having treadwear that improves with use. We have high hopes.

    June 10, 2021


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    Although I have only used these tires on light snow and wet roads, they are providing a solid ride that gives me confidence on all surfaces. I did extensive research before I bought them. I’m glad that I did. While they are more expensive than others, you cannot put a price tag on safety. They are great for handling snow, up to 4-6 inches. These tires are half the life of my old tires. I used to slide all over and have difficulty moving on an incline. I love my car and don’t worry about snow.

    April 17, 2021


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    Michelin is a great choice, especially when you’re driving in rain, snow and even ice. They are great when they’re brand new and also excellent when they’re older. Michelin has never had any problems, unlike other brands. One time I tried a different tire for my Subaru and it started losing traction. The mechanic suggested that my Subaru is all-wheel drive and that this was why the problem was occurring. However, when I switched to Michelin I have never had any problems. That’s it. It’s a great combination of Michelin tires and Subaru.

    March 17, 2021


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    These tires only have 500 miles, but I loved my Michelin. These tires are quieter and take out so many road bumps. My last set was the Pirelli Circurato P7. They were great at first, but they became louder after 10K. When the tires had less than 5/32 tread, I experienced 0 traction in rain my little 4 cylinder ripped the wheels like a crazy teenager. The Michelin tires are the best. They’re more expensive, but they offer a better ride.

    January 6, 2020


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