Mud Claw MT Review: An Ideal Option For Off-Road Traveling

By David Barlow
Last updated: Dec 8, 2022
Mud Claw MT review


About Cooper 

Before going to the in-depth Mud Claw MT, let’s go through the manufacturer of the Mud Claw MT – Cooper.

The Cooper Tire & Rubber Company has long been famous for its promise to make quality tires since 1914. They specialize in off-road, mud, and all-terrain light truck, SUVs, and Jeep tires.

In addition, Cooper is one of the most affordable tire companies and is a good choice for most drivers because of its low pricing, its wide range of replacement tire options, and its priority on safety.

The top-selling products of Cooper include Multi-Mile Mud Claw MT, Mud Claw Radial MT, Eldorado Mud Claw Extreme MT, Mud Claw MT tires, etc.

So you might know that this product line of Cooper has been so popular for its aggressive appearance and traction qualities, as well as its sensitivity to road noise. 


When it comes to Mud Claw MT, this product can all perform well in all off-road conditions without wearing quickly. They also offer big tread blocks that readily pull through mud and loose dirt, as well as strengthened and stylized sidewalls.

The manufacturer promises to drive you through any terrain without letting you down while providing excellent on-road performance. 

You can also put these tires on your everyday driving, and you will receive the most terrific experience for off-road traveling. It is because the Mud Claw MT can provide you with all of the traction and dependability you ever wish.

In terms of off-road and on-road stress enduring, the tires promise to transfer good work with their deep tread pattern and strong tread composition. On 18-20-inch sizes, the tires’ 3-ply sidewall structure adds further protection against punctures, rips, and other damage from pebbles and debris.

Their strengthened sidewall increases durability and puncture resistance. The stylized black-letter sidewall is striking and suitable for any terrain, including rock and soft soils.

The tires’ interconnecting tread lugs, offset shoulder blocks, and rotating lug sizes help to provide excellent traction in soft sand and mud. 

The built-in stone ejectors and the tread’s self-cleaning capabilities will eliminate rock and mud accumulation, increasing off-road performance even further.

Pros & Cons

  • Offer excellent off-road performance.
  • A good option for wet or snowy terrain.
  • Long-lasting tread life.
  • Reasonable price
  • A little bit noisy while traveling highways.

Personal Opinion

As car tires lovers, we have been dedicated to trying new tires for our cars. After experiencing all types of Mud Claw MT, we have found that these tires do a good job in almost off-road conditions. They are tough enough to handle everything from severe rock formations to thick muck. 

So, this product line is ideal for farmers, those who usually travel through unpaved roads, construction workers, and anybody else searching for low-cost tires that are tough as nails.

However, we have found that they can be a little noisy in terms of highways, but the noise is still acceptable. Then when it comes to on-road noise performance, we would say it is in the middle of the pack among comparable models. 

What is more, the tread has finished such great tasks as their design enables them to grab, pull, and clear themselves out while pushing in either direction. These rugged tires can handle dirt, rough terrain, and snow. If you usually travel on snowy terrain, consider using the chain types. 

Experience on dry, snow or wet surfaces can live up to your expectation of a good tire, as they are safe and trustworthy. The tires also offer very comfortable and stable driving. Furthermore, the tread is quite durable and has fuel savings.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Mud Claw tires offer high-quality products for off-road and on-road traveling. They deserve to be a prior option for tire purchasing as they are budget-friendly and do a good job. So hopefully, our blog can be helpful to you. Also, we and other tires lovers would be glad to hear about your experience with these tires!

Mud Claw MT Ratings By Consumer

Mud Claw MT ratings by consumer


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    I’m delighted with my experience of these tires on a variety of vehicles! Their superb durability, low noise levels and performance in mud – even when attached to a 4-cylinder Jeep sporting only 3.5″ lift for Ohio clay terrain – plus their excellent handling during my outing at Moab Utah rocks left me very impressed.

    What’s more, the fact that they are so lightweight makes them an ideal choice for lower horsepower set ups like mine – not to mention looking great too! All this combined with their reasonable cost make them perfect options for anyone searching out reliable quality tyres.

    April 28, 2022


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    I recently installed fresh tires on my 1997 Chevy 1500 4×4 truck, and boy am I pleased! Not only are these wheels affordably priced – they also provide longer-lasting support. Though the 265 size wasn’t quite as wide as expected, it still got the job done. For an aggressive tire type, there is minimal road noise – plus great averages for traction in snow & ice conditions and exceptional performance in muds that rarely require using 4WD

    March 15, 2022


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    With great traction on rocks and dirt, these 35″X12.50″X15” tires can handle sand and wet roads with ease – perfect for rainy days! Though the sidewalls are slightly softer than other brands, they’re lightweight which makes balancing trouble-free. The only downside is that they may not provide as smooth a ride compared to more expensive options; this could be especially noticeable in lighter vehicles where it might cause some wobbling or shaking of the machine at high speeds.

    February 14, 2022


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