Pathfinder AT Tires Review – Is This Tire Worth Your Money?

By David Barlow
Last Updated: May 9, 2022
Pathfinder AT review


For the Pathfinder AT Review, we base on numerous elements. But it would be better if we learn a bit about the manufacturer first.

About Pathfinder

Pathfinder comes as a private brand – a subsidiary of Kumho. The company focuses on providing various affordable tire models for both SUVs and light trucks. Their products are available throughout the USA, so you can buy them online or at offline stores. 

Despite a wide range of tires on the market, not all of them constitute the options for a tight budget. Thus, Pathfinder aims to bridge that gap. Among them sticks out the Pathfinder AT – an all-terrain tire.

Pathfinder AT Review

With information from the brand and many Pathfinder AT reviews, we collect all to make a summary of features. 

Tread Design

A highlight for this part is the tri-polymer compound. It helps the tread become more resistant to cuts, punctures, and tearing. The tougher the compound is, the better the product can perform. 

In terms of the tread pattern, ridges and grooves are added to the surface. Their main function is to prevent debris, snow, mud, etc., from staying on the tire. Hence, you do not need to worry about stone drilling while the car is running. 


Another important point to mention in this Pathfinder AT tire review is the traction. The product features the center ribs that are considered solid. They make contact between the tire and the road surface more consistent. So, stable traction will help reduce the resistance of rolling. 

Not only that, but the solid center ribs also hold a key in delivering stability at high speed. In other words, they ensure the traction required for both braking and accelerating. But that’s not all.

On the tread, it is a combination of small sipes. They all play an essential role in delivering top-notch traction and grip in slippery wet conditions. Also, this feature offers the same effect on the road with a fully-snow cover. 

In addition, many wide grooves run along with the tire. Thus, the sipes and grooves work together to remove water from the tread. Thanks to this structure, water will not stick to the tread so that the tire can maintain its control in the wet condition. 

Fuel Efficiency

The Pathfinder AT tires deliver a lower resistance to rolling or lower tire pressure. It means that there will be less energy needed to rotate the tire. Hence, you will benefit from its fuel efficiency. 

Pathfinder AT reviews: Pros & Cons

  • Good traction for the light terrain
  • Affordability
  • Reliable grip
  • Energy-saving performance
  • Noisy rotation at high speeds
  • Less efficient performance on off-road terrains

Personal Opinion

That is all about what other Pathfinder AT tire reviews discuss. So now, it is time for our personal opinion. We do not expect too much with the products, mainly for the tight budget. But this model gives us an impression (particularly the traction it delivers).

The Features

A structure of the large tread combined with hundreds of sipes and grooves truly works. The detailed patterns help prevent any debris from staying on the tire surface. Also, this efficiency hits the same in case of the wet condition. Hence, we can mostly avoid sliding on wet roads.

It is not a good idea to choose the Pathfinder AT product for the tough off-road terrains, though. Also, we found that it could make some noise at high speed. 

The Cost-Saving

We would like to give it the big thumbs up when it comes to the cost. The Pathfinder product offers fuel efficiency due to the lower pressure, not only the affordability. Besides, it ensures long-lasting tread durability for the budget. We find the product still in good condition after around 30,000 miles of performance. 

With a tight budget, it is impossible to have a long-lasting product. Hence, we do not expect the Pathfinder product to perform well after more than 50,000 miles. For months, the tread tends to wear, lose traction, and need a replacement. 

The Pathfinder AT tire is an acceptable pick for both trucks and SUVs to run on the lighter terrains. For better performance, we suggest checking your current tires frequently.

Pathfinder All Terrain tire Review follow up
Treadlife Warranty:55,000-mile
Uniformity Warranty:1 Year / first 3/32″ of wear
Manufacturer’s Road Hazard Warranty:None
warranty summary for replacement tires purchased at Discount Tire
  245/70/R16  31/10.5/R15  245/70/R16  265/75/R16
  245/75/R16  285/75/R16
  265/70/R17  285/70/R17  275/65/R18  275/70/R18
  265/65/R17  315/70/R17  265/70/R18  295/70/R18

Pathfinder AT prices range approximately from $140.00 to $264.00 (Discount Tire)

Pathfinder AT – Compare Prices

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Pathfinder AT

Pathfinder AT Ratings By Consumer

Pathfinder AT ratings

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