Cooper Discoverer ATP Tire Reviews – Get To Know The Best Tire

By David Barlow
Last updated: Jan 3, 2023

The Cooper Tires company is the most reliable address in the USA to purchase all-terrain tires that are good value for the money. Take a look at this Cooper Discoverer ATP review for your next shopping decision.

Cooper Discoverer ATP review

Cooper Discoverer ATP Reviews

The Cooper Discoverer ATP tire has the perfect balance for rough off-road use and smooth drivability on-road. SUV and light sport truck drivers will need this all-terrain tire with the latest technology.

Its tread compound is enhanced with silica, together with a tough tread pattern and big lugs to promote grip and traction on different road surfaces. The outer scalloped shoulders are ideal for sand and snow.

You can rely on its linked tread blocks to work on extreme terrains since they include enough stability. The serpentine sipes improve its handling and block the gathering of small stones in its tread grooves.

Plus, you will probably notice one thing when driving with this tire is how quiet it works. The multi-pitch tread block from Cooper reduces its noise to the minimum, which received lots of positive feedback.

There are dual steel belts reinforced with nylon inside the Discoverer ATP tire for enhanced durability and strength. They also prolong the overall tread life, backed by a 55,000-mile guarantee from Cooper.

  • Incredible off-road traction in many tough terrains
  • Impressive steering response
  • Quiet on-road performance with a smooth ride
  • Extended tread life
  • Long tread mile warranty of 55,000 miles
  • Not popularly available at all times

Personal Opinion

The Cooper Discoverer ATP tire is somewhat not a famous name that may not come up in one’s mind right away. We believe that more 4×4 and truck owners should know about how brilliantly this tire functions.

We praise the excellent off-road traction of this tire on almost all terrain types, from snow, soft dirt, mud, sand to gravel. This Discoverer ATP rides through everything we’ve driven on.

Be aware that its on-road manners are also exceptional and quiet for an all-terrain unit. Whether it is wet or dry pavement, it can enable good traction with more on-par snow and ice grip than similar tires.

In summary, there are a few excellent AT tires currently available on the market, but this model from Cooper can be your next potential investment. This tire deserves a considerably high ranking in its class.

Below is a detailed list of which vehicle the Cooper Discoverer ATP will fit best, but remember that these are not all available options.

  • Volkswagen Touareg
  • GMC Yukon, Sierra
  • Dodge Ram, Dakota
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee, Wrangler, Liberty
  • Chevrolet K-Blazer, Tahoe, Suburban
  • Toyota Highlander, Tacoma, 4-Runner

That’s all for our Cooper Discoverer ATP review. We hope you find it helpful to pick the most well-suited tire for your car.

Treadlife Warranty:6 Years / 55,000 Miles Half mileage for rear if different size than front
Uniformity Warranty:First 2/32″ of wear
Workmanship & Materials Warranty:Unlimited Time / Free replacement first 2/32″ of wear, then prorated until 2/32″ remaining depth
Manufacturer’s Road Hazard Warranty:None
Manufacturer Special Warranty:
45 Day Road Test Guarantee (1)
Additional Information:(1) Exchange for another Cooper brand tire

LT 31X10.50R15225/75R16265/70R16
245/75R16LT 265/75R16
LT 245/75R16LT 285/75R16
245/65R17LT 265/70R17265/60R18275/65R18
245/70R17LT 285/70R17265/65R18LT 275/70R18
LT 245/75R17LT 295/70R17265/70R18LT 285/65R18
255/75R17LT 315/70R17
LT 265/60R20LT 275/65R20
275/60R20LT 305/55R20

Cooper Discoverer ATP – Compare Prices

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Cooper Discoverer ATP

Discoverer ATP Ratings By Consumer

Discoverer ATP Ratings By Consumer

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