Michelin LTX A/T2 Tire Reviews – Is It The Best Option?

By David Barlow
Last Updated: April 1, 2021

Michelin is a famous tire manufacturer from France, established in 1889. The innovative tires made their name a global brand that took part in many events and worldwide motor racing contests. Today, we will give you a closer look at this product through Michelin LTX A T2 Review.  Let’s kick right in!

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Michelin LTX A/T2 Tire Review: Overview


The LTX A T2 features Michelin TM Comfort Control Technology – a PC-optimized design that reduces road noise as well as creates greater comfort. This tire makes only a small amount of noise when driving at low and medium speeds.


LTX A T2 is designed with thick-old times tires on gravel. This is one of the key developments and strengths of the company. In addition, Michelin‘s internal testing showed that the LTX A T2 delivers 35% better mileage than its off-road tire competitors (in the same terrain and field).


Is the LTX A T2 capable of off-road like some of the all-Terrain tire options offer? We believe that the tire surface becomes overloaded in dune conditions. However, its strong tread is ideal for dry pavement.

Towing/carrying Capacity

As an OE tire of the 2019 Toyota Tundra TRD Off Road, a GVWR capacity of the LTX A T2 is 7,200 lbs. Also, a towing capacity (approximately 10,000 lbs) is one of the highest value.

Snow Condition

Some users feedback that the LTX A T2 isn’t particularly good in winter conditions. Unlike other modern tires, the LTX A T2 could not obtain the Critical Snow Service certification (with the Snowflake logo). However, when the snow is not too thick, you can be assured of the tire’s durability and grip.

Michelin Ltx A T2 Review: Pros And Cons

In this part, we will tell you about the positive features and limitations of this tire. Let’s see if its benefit outweighs the drawbacks:

  • Excellent traction and light off-road handling
  • Good snow performance
  • Comfortable ride
  • Outstanding durability
  • Noisy on the highway
  • Average sand pulling strength.

Michelin Ltx A T2 Review: Tire Drive Test

Michelin has incorporated excellent all-terrain features for the A/T2. First of all, it is the ability to grip the road on a variety of terrains. Secondly, despite the lack of durability of tires like BFGoodrich T / A KO2 and others, it has excellent overall handling on or off the road.

Although there’s a bit of noise when moving on the highway, you shouldn’t be too worried about it. Not only does it have a good grip on wet or snow-covered pavement, but its maneuverability on other types of the road is also great. These features are some of the best in the field.

Another highlight of this tire is its durability. Many other owners’ reviews mention that the tires are still very smooth when the speed reaches 100km. Also, Michelin LTX A T2 are some of the best tires you will find while driving on gravel.

Last but not least, although the LTX A T2 probably might not be the best tire for the off-road limits, it gains strong points in dual handling on both terrain and weather.

Last Word

In conclusion, we hope that this post on Michelin LTX A T2 Review is helpful for you. Michelin LTX is one of the most favorite car tires according to its durability and snow condition performance; we ensure that you will be satisfied with it.

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