Nitto NT421Q Tire Reviews – Can It Work Well On All Terrain?

By David Barlow
Last Updated: August 7, 2021
Nitto NT421Q review

About Nitto

Founded in 1949, over 72 years of operation, Nitto Tire has always been one of the leading trusted names when it comes to tires. They create tires of different sizes, meeting all the needs of customers with enthusiasm and passion.

Nitto NT421Q Reviews

The Nitto NT421Q is no doubt one of the best products of this brand. So, this Nitto NT421Q review will help you take a closer look at this tire in terms of its outstanding features such as tread, traction, noise, handling, comfort, etc.

The NT421Q tire has an asymmetrical tread design to help you take long journeys smoothly and comfortably. Good grip on the road and a distinctive design for sports cars will be a perfect choice for those who love adventure.

NT421Q tires help your car increase grip thanks to the rubber pads on the shoulders while still ensuring softness when the car goes on corners. This is a plus point of this tire when compared to other tires in the same segment. 

It will increase the friction of the wheel with the road surface, ensuring your safety and erasing the fear of corners.

When using the Nitto NT421Q, your vehicle will have incredible traction both in winter and summer with tires divided into wide-circle grooves that create great friction with the road surface. 

But even so, its ability to grip the road will also be significantly reduced on deep snow or too slippery roads. 

When it comes to noise, you can rest assured because the NT421Q tire has very effective noise reduction technology, it can be said to be one of the tires that produces the smallest noise level.

  • Tread block stability
  • Effective noise reduction
  • Significant design
  • Affordable
  • Inefficient traction in heavy snow
  • A little noisy due to customer’s experience

Tire Drive Test

Hopefully the Nitto NT421Q review has given you an overview of this tire. 

Despite receiving confidence in the design and quality of each product produced, Nitto always strives constantly to improve and refresh each of its products, including the NT421Q tire, to bring the best user experience. 

You should not hesitate to buy the NT421Q tire if you are a lover of sports cars or SUVs. Nitto has done a great job in creating a tire that has great performance, a robust design, and adapts to a variety of weather conditions. 

In addition to the outstanding features, the NT421Q tire still ensures absolute safety for the user, providing a smooth feeling and fully enjoying the trip or tournament.

After a period of use, the NT421Q tire does not seem to respond well to heavy rainy weather. This tire has a tendency to slip when the road is slippery for a long distance. Occasionally, the NT421Q’s noise can be a little uncomfortable, affecting the user experience.

That said, nothing is flawless. It is said to perform well in winter, but we find it more of a summer tire. Traction on deep snow is poor. Anyway, it is not an AT tire, so we still appreciate its outstanding performance.

Treadlife Warranty:75,000-mile for H, V speed rated sizes, and 60,000-mile for W speed rated sizes
Uniformity Warranty:First 1/32″ of wear
Workmanship & Materials Warranty:Free replacement first year, 2/32″ or 25% of wear, then prorated until 2/32″ remaining depth
Manufacturer’s Road Hazard Warranty:None


NT421Q prices range approximately from $141.00 – $273.00Tirebuyer

  • Kormoran Suv Summer
  • Accelera Iota ST68
  • Sailun Terramax CVR
  • Maxtrek Sierra S6
  • Continental Cross Contact UHP
  • Pace TOLEDO Pace

NT421Q Ratings By Consumer

NT421Q Ratings By Consumer

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    These are mounted on 20×10.5 +30 offset Niche vicenza’s. They are currently mounted to my 2013 Toyota Sienna SE. These tires have been on my 2013 Toyota Sienna SE for approximately 10k miles. It is amazing to see how little the tires have been worn considering the vehicle’s weight. This is especially true when you consider that I usually have 8 passengers. These tires have been a great choice. These tires are quieter than the stock tires. The section width of 275 is a significant improvement in grip. It’s amazing that I don’t have any issues with tracking with larger tires. It works great in both dry and wet conditions. Even though we have been in some very difficult weather, I have never experienced hydroplaning. Great tire at a great price. These tires should last me for quite some time. I would buy tires again.

    July 22, 2021


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    It was obvious that the Durango R/T would need tires within a few years. I searched for these tires to find out if anyone else had purchased them, but never found any 421Q’s anywhere on any car. They were great Nitto truck tires, so I was tempted to buy them. These tires are excellent, if not great! They are very quiet and do not ring on gravel. They also feel great on the highway. My size 265 50 R20 comes only in a V speed rating. It was worried that the tire would be noisy and rough riding. These tires are very quiet and comfortable. These tires offer a much better ride and feel than those factory tires. The best part is that the Nitto website pictures don’t do this tire any favors. It looks like it’s serious business. Just by its looks, the Dodge Durango R/T has gone from being a mom machine to a hot laps machine. These tires have exceeded all my expectations and I am glad that I trusted my instincts! Thank you!

    August 20, 2020


  • Avatar


    The Tundra’s comfortable ride has always been a favorite of mine, but I have grown weary of the constant bobbing around on curves and the rocking on bumpy asphalt. Recently, I bought Yoko SUV tires. It was a nice ride, but it swayed and bobbled a lot. I replaced the struts with Bilsteins, and also replaced the mountings for the steering rack. Although this helped, it wasn’t as significant as changing from 16 inch rims to 18 inch rims and adding the Nittos. They were great on my Corvette, but I didn’t expect them to work so well in my truck. They will be more wear than the Explorer’s LTX, but they are still great for handling and ride. The stopping distance rating for one of the online stores is my only concern. This is not something I use often and I don’t intend to do it at 70 just so you know what will happen.

    June 10, 2020


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    I’m now a firm believer in Nitto. These tires were replaced the Kumho stock tires on my 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe. These tires required some breaking in. It took approximately 2000 miles. The car’s ride was much better than the tires before it. The car was transformed and I couldn’t be happier. It also provides excellent wet traction. I would highly recommend Nitto for anyone.

    April 8, 2020


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