Toyo Celsius Cuv Tire Reviews – An All-Season Tire

By David Barlow
Latst Updated: April 1, 2021

Toyo Celsius Cuv Review: An Introduction

Are you looking for a high-quality tire that can be used for all seasons and thinking of the Toyo Celsius CUV? In today’s article, we will provide you with an insightful Toyo Celsius CUV Tire Review to help you decide whether the tire is the best choice or not.

Toyo Celsius CUV Review

Brand : 

Toyo is a Japanese company specializing in producing and delivering tires for passenger cars and tires for large-sized vehicles such as trucks and buses. It has three brands: Toyo Tires, Nitto, and Silverstone.

Remarkable Features :

You need to know about Toyo Celsius CUV because this is an all-season car tire with a premium quality. Overall, it can perfectly meet the normal standards such as handling, fuel efficiency, grip, and traction. But the most outstanding feature of this tire is its exceptional traction in many different weather conditions, including snow.

The unique design of Toyo Celsius CUV makes a strong impression on experts due to its variable sipe density. Celsius CUV obtains a higher sipe density at the center, which boosts the traction on ice or snowy surfaces. The trend contains a lower sipe density on the outer area to better grip the dry and wet roads.

The secret behind the perfect traction on snow is the built-in snow claws placed on the outside circumferential grooves. It enhances the traction on snow and mud, but it also makes the block rigidity more stable. As a result, your car can grip on any road.

You can also see many slush grooves and multi-wave sipes on the tire; these complicated designs help the car to bake better on the road. Additionally, it also reduces the wear tread and avoids the situation of hydroplaning.

In terms of noise, the Toyo Celsius CUV is quieter than other snow tires, although it is still noisy at high speed.

With a wide range of dimensions (17-20 inches), this tire can match many types, from CUV’s to SUVs. Besides, this tire also gets a built-in rim protector making it more durable.

Toyo Celsius Cuv Review: Pros & Cons

  • Ideal for all seasons and weather
  • Can handle snow roads
  • Quite compared to other snow tires.
  • Perfect treadwear and traction
  • Poor performance on rough roads

Toyo Celsius Cuv Review: Tire Drive Test

Toyo Celsius CUV is one of the best choices for people having a CUV and SUV car, as it offers good traction on different roads and weathers. Besides, this tire can ensure safe and smooth drives for you due to its excellent braking ability, handling, and noise absorption.

When testing on wet and dry roads, this tire performs better than other same class tires.

Although Toyo Celsius is an all-rounded tire, they remain a small problem, as the tires do not perform well on rough roads such as gravel. Therefore, we do not recommend using this tire for off-road.


Are you satisfied with our Toyo Celsius CUV review? The CUV is a premium all-season tire that perfectly matches those who are tired of changing tires in harsh weather. If you are in this case, put it on the shopping cart right now!

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