Toyo Open Country A/T II Tire Reviews That You Should Not Miss

By David Barlow
Latst Updated: April 1, 2021

Famous for offering great tires, Toyo is one of the top choices of many drivers when it comes to picking the tire. This writing about Toyo Open Country A/T iI will give you all the essential information about one of the most popular tires from the Toyo brand. Shall we begin?

Toyo Open Country A-T iI Review

Toyo Open Country A/T II Review: Introduction

To start with Toyo Open Country A/T II review, we should first take a look at this brand.

Since 1966, Toyo has impressed users with its innovative, high quality, and tire performance. With its biggest factory in Bartow County of Georgia, the company offers many tire options for different lines such as SUVs, light and commercial trucks, luxury cars.

As one of the best tires for sedans and sport coupes, Toyo Open Country A/T II has a great performance in the line of all-season tires, which can work well for cornering and traction, while offering less noise and comfortable driving experience.

To improve the performance, the manufacturer has used the silica-enhanced compound for the tread. Other than that, the asymmetric pattern for the tread also makes Proxes 4 Plus work well on handling wet and dry traction and have a long tread life. The close of the shoulder, together with the wide ribs, has increased the grip for cornering and great responsibility for steering. Next up in our Toyo Open Country A/T II tire review, you will find them under some plus and minus points of this tire.

Toyo Open Country A/T II Review: Pros & Cons

  • Great for wet and dry driving
  • Create less noise
  • Long-lasting
  • Affordable price
  • Not tested on winter road

Toyo Open Country A/T II Review: Drive Test

As the above Toyo Open Country A/T II reviews are all the most unique features from the seller, we have practically experienced this tire with the passion for finding the best tire.

The cornering grip feature of this tire is comparable with any great performance version you might know. It will take you for some first miles of running to get familiar with the corner turning.

Our car with this Toyo tire has a great gripping ability on the flat and the slope on both dry and wet roads. Proxes 4 Plus seem to be hard to deal with the normal driving or turning point for thin ice surfaces.  So, you should choose another option of winter tires if your location has heavy snow.

What surprises us is that this tire creates almost no noise during the driving? Moreover, the tire runs smooth, bringing you the most comfort in any journey without affecting the driving experience. 

For the more detailed Toyo Open Country A/T II tire reviews, we have also asked some users who have run this tire for a long journey. It turns out that the tire tread wear is noticeable only after about 6000 km of running. Hence you will never need to worry if this tire needs replacement any time soon.


That is all about Toyo Open Country A/T iI Review. You might now have your own opinion about whether or not to buy this tire, right? However, it is best to take some time to experience driving with this tire for yourself. Hope you have the best diving time with Toyo.

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