Cooper Evolution Tour Tire Reviews

By David Barlow
Latst Updated: April 1, 2020

You are looking for a new touring tire for your vehicles. And you are searching for the Cooper Evolution Tour Tire reviews. Then you found this article. Yes, we provide comments on the Cooper Evolution Tour of Cooper Tire Company.

Cooper Tire Company was established in 1914 in Akron, Ohio, the USA. At Cooper, they believe that providing a high-quality product is key to ensuring the customer’s peace of mind. Safety is Cooper’s top priority.

Cooper Evolution Tour Overview

These touring tires are built as an all-season tire for drivers of all kinds of family sedans, minivans, and crossovers. The supplier wants to give drivers a product that feels confident, safe, and secure while driving, especially when it comes to weather such as rain, snow, and storm…

The tire also features an energy-saving design, which will help you save fuel and finance. Similar to other Cooper products, Evolution Tour uses Stabiledge Performance technology. This technology improves cornering performance and increases stability on dry pavement.

One of the outstanding features of Cooper Evolution Tour features is designed for long tread life. And one more exciting thing is that you will only have to pay a reasonable amount to own Evolution Cooper Tour Tire. This makes you much more economical than other tires in the same line. You can easily book Evolution Cooper Tour on e-commerce sites.

Cooper Evolution Tour Tires Review: Pros And Cons

  • Quiet and makes no noise when moving
  • Fuel-saving designs
  • Create a sense of comfort and security
  • On dry road surface, standard brake
  • Reasonable price
  • On a slippery wet road surface, the brakes are not really standard
  • The tire responds slowly to steering inputs

Cooper Evolution Tour test drive

Similar to other products of Cooper Tire, the tread of the tire of the Evolution Tour is set up with maintenance indicators. Having experienced a variety of tires, we really love this feature. It will show the driver how long the tire has traveled. This is extremely useful for the safety of the driver.
Cooper named this technology as Wear Square Indicators. Cooper designs the circumferential grooves on the tread pattern with small rubbers. When the tire is newly used, these indicators can be seen. However, they will disappear into the tread pattern.

The more we use them, the more they disappear. Like most other suppliers, Cooper recommends that you change the tires once the tire has lost its readings, but we recommend doing that earlier. You should never wait for the tire to totally disappear for your safety in special weather like in snowy and wet conditions.

Luckily, the Evolution Tour has a warranty, which is very suitable for the consumers. For T-Speed rated models, it will be warranted with a 65,000-mile treadwear. The rates for H-Speed or V-Speed Model are 60,000-miles treadwear. The warranty period is indefinite.
But to be fair, this tire doesn’t really do much in wet and slippery weather. When we took a Cooper Evolution Tour review in wet condition, we found that the tire was unsafe. In light rain, it shows quietly well.

The Cooper Evolution Tour is an extremely comfortable and reasonable-priced tire that provides good work on dry roads. Unfortunately, it is quite not good at wet handling and braking. It is hard for us to recommend this tire. But we guess through this Cooper Evolution Tour Tire review, you have your own choice.

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