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Last Updated: September 18, 2021
Toyo Open Country MT reviews

It’s crucial to choose a perfect tire because it directly affects your driving experience and the appearance of your car. Why not take the Toyo Open Country M/T tire into consideration? Believe it or not, Toyo tires will definitely surprise you. Keep scrolling down our Toyo Open Country M/T review for more.

Toyo Open Country M/T Review 

Toyo Tire Brand

Established in 1945 in Japan, Toyo Tires has been solidly flourishing in the OE auto market, especially the U.S marketplace. There are many well-known products from Toyo that we can’t overlook, such as Toyo Open Country A/T, Toyo Open Country H/T, Toyo Open Country M/T, etc.

With the release of Toyo Open Country M/T, Toyo immediately won a vantage position over other rivals. 

The tire manufacturers nonstop enhance the high-level characteristics in handling and stability control. Whether it’s a light truck or a SUV, Toyo Open Country M/T stands out as a perfect option for your car. Let’s see how these features have evolved over time in the next section!

Toyo Open Country M/T Tire Features

Stylish, sustainable, practical, and great to drive, not many tires tick all these boxes. Toyo’s excellent Open Country M/T is different. It has all those features with even additional class-leading eco cred and safety.

The Toyo Open Country M/T tire is a just-right combination of muscularity and elegant lines. Thanks to the forceful tread form, it’s no surprise that this highly acclaimed model easily leaves a huge impression at customers’ first glances. 

Together with the deep-slot design and scallop-shaped shoulder blocks, they make cornering on wet surfaces more effortless than ever before. Its dimensions range from 15 to 24 inches regarding basic size and material, combined with three-layer polyester to improve weight/heat resistance. 

Indeed, the load capacity can reach 3960 pounds per tire. The highest speed rate is approximately 99-mph without causing any tire explosions. Its high M+S index is another point that won’t make you feel worried when driving in bad weather conditions.

Toyo Open Country M/T reviews: Pros & Cons

Maybe you’re diving into too many Toyo Open Country M/T reviews to find where Toyo Open Country M/T’s pros and cons are. Here, we would like to summary for you as below:

  • Aggressive designs
  • 4-season tires
  • Work well in flat to rough terrain
  • Noise-canceling when transporting
  • High-suffered loads
  • Pricey
  • Not specialized with rocky or extreme slough area

Our Experience With Toyo Open Country M/T Drive Test

Although you can read many Toyo Open Country M/T tires reviews on the Internet, you must wonder if these tire variants work effectively in different real conditions. That’s a big yes! With our experience using it, let us show you how they’ve conquered our hearts!   

Outstanding Features In Reality 

Driving on highways is not the same as handling wet roads, especially with mud and many potholes. Yet, this type of tire becomes an ideal choice for both on/off-road conditions.

It’s the deep-groove design and rigid shouldered blocks that help cars get rid of water, rocks and mud-terrain as well as extra traction to pull your car out of immersed places. You have all the reasons to be confident when gripping and cornering without any slip.

What’s more? The aggressive treads, made from high-quality material, enable it to push any snow or ice aside to move forward in poor winter challenges. 

If you’re owning a light truck/SUV car or living in harsh weather, let’s take a glance at this tire from Toyo. We ensure you will have an amazing driving experience on holidays with homies.

Environmental Impacts

“Go further, but fuel efficiency must be optimal” – The Toyo company always engraves this statement in their mind when manufacturing products. 

How does this tire lessen fuel consumption anyway? Toyo focuses strongly on reducing the energy loss when a tire rolls. That’s why it can help your vehicle consume less fuel and partly control CO2 emissions. 

Moreover, tires featuring many sturdy blocks can lower noise output to ensure the driver and passengers have the most comfortable experience. These also contribute a remarkable part to diminishing noise pollution.

With lots of the above pros, it gradually plays an important role in protecting the environment and saving fuel. Now you understand why we highly recommend this tire for your favorite car. It’s time to get your car this reliable companion!

Unbiased Open Country M/T review
Treadlife Warranty:None 
Uniformity Warranty:First 1/32″ of wear
Workmanship & Materials Warranty:5 Years / Free replacement first 25% of wear, then prorated to final 2/32″ remaining depth
Manufacturer’s Road Hazard Warranty:None
Manufacturer Special Warranty:No Regrets 500 Mile or 45 Day Trial (1)
Additional Information:(1) Exchange for Michelin, BFGoodrich, or Uniroyal
LT 31X10.50R15LT 33X13.50R15LT 235/85R16LT 285/75R16
LT 33X10.50R15LT 35X13.50R15LT 245/75R16LT 305/70R16
LT 33X12.50R15LT 37X14.50R15LT 255/85R16LT 315/75R16
LT 265/75R16LT 385/70R16
LT 285/70R16
LT 255/75R17LT 315/70R17LT 265/70R18LT 305/65R18
LT 255/80R17LT 33X12.50R17LT 275/65R18LT 315/70R18
LT 265/70R17LT 35X12.50R17LT 275/70R18LT 33X12.50R18
LT 285/70R17LT 37X12.50R17LT 285/65R18LT 35X12.50R18
LT 285/75R17LT 37X13.50R17LT 285/70R18LT 37X13.50R18
LT 295/70R17LT 40X13.50R17LT 285/75R18LT 38X13.50R18
LT 295/70R18LT 38X15.50R18
LT 275/55R20LT 33X12.50R20LT 295/55R22LT 37X12.50R22
LT 275/65R20LT 35X12.50R20LT 325/50R22LT 37X13.50R22
LT 285/60R20LT 35X13.50R20LT 33X12.50R22LT 38X15.50R22
LT 295/55R20LT 37X12.50R20LT 35X12.50R22LT 40X15.50R22
LT 295/60R20LT 37X13.50R20
LT 295/65R20LT 38X13.50R20
LT 305/55R20LT 38X15.50R20
LT 315/60R20LT 40X15.50R20
LT 37X13.50R24LT 40X15.50R24LT 40X15.50R26LT 42X15.50R26
LT 375/40R24
LT 40X15.50R24

Open Country M/T prices range approximately from $388.71 to $581.29 (Tire Rack)

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